Clear-Com launches Gen-IC

Clear-Com Gen-IC

Clear-Com is leading the way with the newly launched Gen-IC Intercom system. They are the first provider to release a cloud-based intercom solution that fits the demanding needs of live cloud production.

Gen-IC is a massive step for the intercom market. It provides a secure and flexible cloud managed virtual service, that enables users to easily integrate on-premise hardware with virtual intercom clients. It’s simple to deploy, configure and manage and an ideal solution for both small and large teams alike and provides a wide range of connectivity to existing on-site intercom systems.

Gen-IC is securely available worldwide over the public internet and cellular networks and is backed by Clear-Com’s pioneering experience and cutting edge cloud technology.

As a leading cloud specialist and Clear-Com’s broadcast reseller in the UK and Ireland, we are perfectly positioned to demo this latest product release.

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