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Avid is reimagining the entire media value chain with powerful platforms for creating, managing, storing, distributing, and monetising film, television and music. Their media asset management software solutions inspire more than a million users and thousands of media enterprises worldwide to tell compelling stories and strengthen businesses.

With enhanced collaboration, cutting-edge automation, end-to-end integration and workflow orchestration, Avid is empowering aspiring artists, production teams, creative professionals and media enterprises to thrive in the digital generation.

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Avid MediaCentral

MediaCentral is Avid’s IP stream ingest media asset management solution for news broadcasting, sport and live production that enables multiple compressed IP streams to be ingested into the MediaCentral production environment. It accelerates your media asset management workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions for post-production, news, sports, and media asset management. Its innovative modular design delivers a full suite of apps, services, and connectors, offering unrivalled scalability and extensibility. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to search, edit, and collaborate on content from any location, using any device.

MediaCentral enables geographically separated teams to connect, communicate, and collaborate more easily. With full access to MediaCentral available through a simple graphical web or mobile interface, producers, editors, journalists, loggers, and other contributors can access tasks, projects, and media from anywhere, using any device, which in turn increases efficiency.

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