Pixit Media develops data-aware, software defined infrastructure solutions for the Post-Production and Broadcast industries. They have quickly become the de facto standard for Post and Broadcast in the UK, and are expanding into Europe and the Americas. Their solutions are deployed by leading content creation and distribution organisations around the world.

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PixStor One

PixStor One is an easy to manage, scalable, high performance storage system with centralised control of all file system components from a single interface employing graphical interfaces for common tasks, and Python and REST APIs for file system automation and workflow integration. PixStor One’s easy to use dashboard provides simple management of the NAS system: View performance and capacity metrics, create network shares and utilise snapshots for safe copies of data. PixStor One’s snapshot capability is compatible with Microsoft Windows Shadow Copy functionality.

Based on Pixit Media’s PixStor Platform, PixStor One delivers easy to use NAS functionality with the performance, multi-protocol capabilities, and data services of PixStor – on a smaller, easy to deploy scale. Choice of drive and chassis scalability provides capacities up to 1.8 PB with read performance up to 12 GB/s.


PixStor is a high performance, highly scalable, enterprise-class storage solution specifically designed for Media & Entertainment workflows. PixStor combines flash, disk, tape and cloud storage with affordable, high performance Ethernet into a unified system that’s higher performing, limitless in scale and lower cost than traditional legacy solutions. Data moves seamlessly through many tiers of storage – from fast flash to cost-effective, high capacity object storage, all the way out to the cloud – depending on how frequently it needs to be accessed. This allows media organizations to accelerate high resolution workflows and store valuable assets more safely and economically.

PixStor provides the performance needed so combined VFX, finishing and rendering workloads can all run at maximum speed without effecting editors’ or artists’ user experience. What’s more, in addition to tiering data to the cloud with PixStor Ngenea HSM, PixStor PixCache facilitates efficient Burst Rendering onto unlimited compute nodes to take on extra projects or accelerate schedules. PixCache minimises data transfer and maximises data locality by caching on premises data close to cloud computing resources. Results are automatically transferred back to on-premises storage with no manual intervention.

PixStor Ngenea HSM

PixStor Ngenea HSM, an extremely fast, highly scalable, data management layer unifying high speed PixStor storage with object and cloud storage into a single PixStor global namespace. PixStor Ngenea HSM transparently tiers media assets based on policies (for example, untouched assets over 30 days old) from high-performance storage to cost effective, highly protected object, tape and cloud storage – lowering storage costs and freeing production storage space. PixStor Search harvests metadata and instantaneously finds archived assets and recalls them seamlessly to production storage as needed.

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