Clear-Com for Ed Sheeran


Salisbury-based Major Tom are supporting long-term client Ed Sheeran with a full production package on his current ‘Divide Tour’, an extraordinary global trek for the singer-songwriter that started in early 2017 and is scheduled to finish some 20 months later in November 2018.

Soon after Ben Tredwell’s visit he received a request from Major Tom, to assist with an on-the-road upgrade to their comms system.

Ben arranged a demo of the Clear-Com Freespeak II system at Sheeran’s Manchester concert and then subsequently delivered and assisted with the setup of the final configuration at the Newcastle show.

Tech-Industry ‘Lingo’


‘The Only Thing More Dangerous Than Ignorance is Arrogance’
Albert Einstein

How industry ‘Lingo’  can ruin a budding relationship

We work in a very competitive market, roughly speaking when talking with a potential new customer we have maybe a 5-minute window to make, not just a good impression, but also an impression of trust.

Trust is so important for the ongoing relationship between a customer and supplier, with trust in place everyone wins, but it must be earned, and can easily disappear – even before it has had a chance to build.

The Tyrell Take #IBC2018




Physical facilities in the RAI have been improved, and with rumours of converting the temporary structures into more permanent ones, I got the sense of an improved market. Our social event on the Saturday evening was well attended, there were lots of interesting conversations and from what I recall no-one was seen crying into their drink – by the way thanks to all that attended.

At IBC last year there was a lot of buzz around VR, 360 and Cloud, this year the Tyrell team witnessed a lot of true cloud remote editing.

Cloud Production & Virtualisation #IBC2018


Media Central Cloud UX has been launched as a product, a unified HTML 5 UI, connects to your Avid PAM, Avid iNews, Avid MAM and a range of certified third parties. Avid have a road-map to be bring all their applications in the enterprise and post production to the same web-based GUI.   Unfortunately, it’s a complete rebuild of the Media Central cluster and the headache of a new avid licencing model.