For more than a decade, Telestream® has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital video industry, pioneering file-based video transcoding and high- quality media exchange over IP networks. Telestream continues to drive the industry forward by embracing agile software development methodologies that accelerate innovation in this highly dynamic and fast-changing market.

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Vidchecker is an easy to install Windows software application for PCs/servers. It removes the labour intensive tasks of checking conformance manually for video/audio compliance, using waveform monitors and audio loudness meters—and to then manually correct levels with video processing amplifiers, and other tools.

The GUI is accessed through a web browser either on the local machine or remotely over a network. It is designed for checking file-based video before and after distribution, and for use by broadcasters for checking files received from post production and content distributors. These tools help ensure that file, video and audio parameters and levels are correct and ready for broadcast.


Configurable to meet the needs of Operations while uniquely scalable to tackle the varied demands of Engineering diagnostics, the PRISM waveform monitor is the only monitoring solution you need in your SDI and IP workflow.

Designed to address the IP future of broadcast, PRISM comes packed with a comprehensive set of new measurements and displays to provide visibility of network performance and problems and reduce the time to fault isolation and remedy. Equally comfortable in the SDI world, PRISM provides the familiar connectivity, measurements, and displays you expect in an SDI environment. Additionally, equipped with features for emerging HDR / WCG workflows, PRISM allows jobs to be done in a consistent manner and reduces complication in multi format content creation.


GLIM is perfect for ingest QC, Engineering, Master Control, news, postproduction, and more. The GLIM playback experience is vastly superior to remote and virtual desktop techniques, and GLIM saves remote employees from wasting hours every day downloading files.

Supporting television production and media distribution while teams work remotely brings with it many challenges. A primary challenge with remote work is the ability to see, hear and understand the technical properties of your media library from afar. Telestream call this media file opaqueness. GLIM was built to solve well known remote work challenges: be a vastly superior experience to the ‘remote desktop/virtual desktop’ play back experience, and to prevent remote employees wasting hours every day downloading mezzanine grade media files. Solving these two challenges significantly reduces the aforementioned media file opaqueness, and ultimately increases productivity.

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