Tyrell Visiting #IBC2018


IBC 2018 in Amsterdam is looking interesting and, as usual, Tyrell will be there in force. Please fill in the form below if you would like to arrange an appointment with us at the event, We will be happy to meet and discuss The Tyrell Take on this year’s IBC.

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Meeting our customers and suppliers is always priority for us and we cherish any opportunity to meet people face-to-face. Last year, at IBC2017 we reported on The Cloud that the industry is about to embrace, and the fact that we are very close to days of secure, Live Video Over IP. This time in Amsterdam we will be revisiting that position, and examining when some of that future will become a reality.

Tyrell is always ready to start or continue a conversation and we look forward to updating you with news from the event in our Social Channels, Blogs and Newsletter.



Our partnerships with our customers and suppliers are central to our success at Tyrell.  IBC is an incredible opportunity for me to touch base with our colleagues across both groups and check in on issues or opportunities that we can address to improve our offering operationally – so let’s talk!



IBC is always an opportunity to gaze into the future and see where the industry is going. Our industry is a great community of explorers and talkers and these are the people I’ve grown up with!



As usual we are looking forward to connecting with old and new friends in our industry. Our aim is to help customers connect with the news and products that are going to make a difference to their workflows and operations.



Every year I go to IBC with a hectic schedule and back-to-back meetings, but this year I’m going to approach it differently. Along with meetings, I would like to take some time just to browse the show. Sometimes, when you least expect it you can locate that hidden gem that fixes a common problem.

Many discussions in Tyrell revolve around VoIP so it’s going to be interesting to see innovations around this at the show. HDR is also a hot topic for us so I’m looking forwards to seeing plenty of that this year at IBC.



IBC is always an exciting time of year for Tyrell and it’s basically right on our doorstep – a day visit to the conference is no more exhausting than a similar trip to BVE, even when factoring in travel time.

I love catching up with the manufacturers that we don’t get to see very often, and introducing our customers to the personnel behind the products they have.


This year will be my first IBC from the re-seller side of the fence and I’m excited to re-connect with some old colleagues and be able to tell them about the exiting things Tyrell are doing in the Broadcast and Post-Production markets.

IBC always represents a great opportunity to get a look at the cutting edge of the industry and this year I’m going to be paying special attention to tools that can give our customers flexibility in the way and where they work. Remote workflows are a hot topic and something that Tyrell is leading from the front of the pack. Also, any developments in PCoIP and SMPTE2110 adoption will be getting my attention.



For me a visit to IBC always fulfils some essential requirements. Firstly, I get to see all our suppliers in one place and see what’s new from those brands. Secondly, IBC allows you to spot Industry trends and what technology direction the manufactures are taking. Thirdly, the chance to have meetings with customers and potential suppliers is invaluable.

Please get in touch, or fill in the form above to make an appointment for meeting at IBC