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Avid video promos

Limited time Avid Promos

Find out more about Avid’s latest limited time promos

Ex-demo stock sale

Grab a bargain! Take advantage of equipment from leading manufacturers at ex-demo pricing
EditShare EFS promo

Limited time EditShare EFS Promo

EditShare EFS Promo - save 10% and get 2 years support

Exclusive EditShare & Tyrell Offer

Take a look at the Exclusive EditShare and Tyrell Promotion 

EditShare as a Service

Tyrell Exclusive Storage Offer for only €500/£400 per month. 

Limited Time Wacom Bundle

For a limited period Tyrell and Wacom are pleased to share an exclusive offer

Telestream’s New Releases

In the past few months Telestream have had some significant product releases and promos.

Telestream Announces QC Promo

Telestream Announces QC Promo for existing  Vidchecker  and Aurora customers

Facilis Launches Q4 Sales Promotions

Facilis Launches Q4 Sales Promotions