LiveU is driving the live video revolution, providing live video streaming for TV, mobile, online and social media.

Let your audience become part of your story with high-quality and flawless live video, transmitted from anywhere in the world, through the use of our patented bonding and video transport technology using bonded GSM 3G/4G.

LiveU creates a consistent bandwidth and a reliable connection so you can acquire, manage and distribute high-quality remote live broadcasts.

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Field and Rack Encoders

Using HEVC broadcasters can provide the same video quality as H.264 whilst using about half the bandwidth. LiveU’s award winning LU300 and 600 field encoders offer 6 or 12 network links for bonding across cellular modems, internal Wi-Fi and ethernet ports. For fixed SNG and broadcast location requirements LiveU offer the same HEVC encoding and bonding technology in the LU610 and AVC in the LU310 rack units.

LiveU have created the vehicle or tripod mounted LiveU Xtender to help increase network reception of LiveU Field and Rack encoders in challenging RF or crowded enviroments. The LiveU Xtender can be powered AC or DC with Gold or V-Mount battery support.



Enrich your productions and cover more events at a fraction of the cost of traditional transmission methods. The LU800 is the first all-in-one production-level field unit, designed for live news and dynamic sports coverage.

The LU800 combines multi-camera and superior video/audio capabilities with mission-critical transmission in a native 5G unit. Designed from the ground up to unlock 5G potential, the unit offers unparalleled quality of service and resiliency.

LiveU Decoders

The LiveU Decoders are used to receive, reconstruct and playout any HEVC or AVC bonded video stream sent by one of LiveU’s range of field or rack encoders supporting HD up to 1080p50 (LU2000) or 4Kp50/60 (LU4000). The incredible power of LiveU decoders allow them to receive unlimited number of preview feeds that are sent out over 3G/12G SDI for local consumption or streamed over a network via RTMP for any CDN or online video streaming service, MPEG-TS and NewTeks NDI standard.


The LiveU Solo video encoder offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera to popular online platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch. It makes going live simpler. It allows content creators to deliver professional quality video without a large crew, lots of equipment or technical streaming expertise. With LiveU Solo, all types of live streaming become reliable and affordable.

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