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Since 2004, StorageDNA has been helping film, video and broadcast professionals work more efficiently and save costs. Advanced technologies and a commitment to innovation are the backbone of their company. Their mission is to evolve their product offerings, and provide these solutions for an unparalleled value.

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DNAfabric Disk

DNAfabric Disk, WAN, Cloud is a simple to deploy data management services platform that enables you to more effectively manage data across a multitude of storage tiers powered by smart analytics and visualisation.

A scalable and clustered architecture allows data to be seamless synced across disk, wan and cloud. A centralised controller provides overall management while scalable data movers and indexers powers data management functions.

DNAfabric can index and move data on any type of open storage. This includes removable HDDs, camera cards, SAN, NAS, Nearline or online storage. Additionally, storage across multiple locations can be managed.


DNAevolution is a scalable, high performance tape automation platform. It provides a way to manage large scale backup and archiving to tape. It also features “media workflow smarts” to utilise tape more efficiently.

The DNAevolution Controller provides a central point of job and metadata management via a web interface. It also manages a central database and powerful search tools. A single controller can manage multiple archive managers with an HTTP communication protocol enabling remote deployments.


Hypertape is a file-system designed enabling direct access to tape. It creates 100% LTFS format tapes but additionally enables tape to serve numerous creative workflows and applications.

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