SpaceCrate™ – An Innovative Mobile Studio


SpaceCrate™ is an innovative new concept, a soundproofed, acoustically modelled and air conditioned studio space housed within a 20′ ISO shipping container. Combining the attributes of both to allow next-level flexibility for specialist premises.

SpaceCrate™ has been designed by some of the world’s leading experts in studio design and acoustics.


The result is a distillation of all that world-class wisdom. A no-hassle, guaranteed outcome. Prefabricated and ready to deploy, move (and move again) on a temporary or permanent basis. Pretty much anywhere on earth.

SpaceCrate™ Cababilities:

  • Meet and surpass the exacting needs of creative professionals and their clients
  • Accommodate peaks in demand
  • Enable creativity on location
  • Bypass the guesswork, complexity and cost associated with studio builds


In at The Deep End

A major film production had heard news of what we were up to and wondered if SpaceCrate™ would be suitable as an on-set ADR studio. After seeing SpaceCrate™ in-the-flesh. the decision was made that it would be ideal for the job, and we delivered to the busy set.

As debuts go, we knew that this would be no soft start! Over the following six weeks, SpaceCrate™ was moved between two filming locations, where some of the world’s most high profile actors were able to record ADR without leaving the set, or even breaking character.

The result : A win/win/win for Cast, Crew and Production. A rare combination of creative and budgetary needs both being met by a single, unique approach.

User Feedback

Top ADR mixer Rob Edwards:

SpaceCrate™ was a huge hit with all of the cast, as well as the Director. This job would have been impossible to pull off without SpaceCrate™“.

SpaceCrate™Available Now from Tyrell

Delivery schedule is approximately 10 weeks – Pricing from €50K

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