ABonAir designs high-end wireless (Microwave) broadcast transmission solutions for professional broadcast-cameras and live production-teams in outdoor news (ENG), live-sports, reality shows, live-event coverage, OB-Trucks, and video-assist applications.

ABonAir’s technology includes Bi-directional (full-duplex) wireless transmission solution, with automatic error-correction, frequency hopping, and automatic setup with channel selection. It also integrates CCU/RCP (paint/shading/Iris control) and PTZ (robotic) for all major camera vendors, integrated Tally, and wireless Intercom capabilities.

Expected range can coverage up to 3km (>1.5 mile) line of sight, and deployment with Fiber-based Antenna solution, for Multi-Zone and Multi-Venue coverage.

ABonAir products are suitable for large Football Stadiums, Horse-Racing, Basketball, Soccer, News, Tier-1 Broadcasters, TV Networks, and Mobile Productions.

Contact Tyrell for details of the full product range – we have selected the AB 612 as an example of what’s available from ABonAir

Meet the AB612
The World’s First 4K 7 Msec Delay Wireless Broadcast System

The ABonAir AB612™ wireless broadcast solution enables camera teams to transmit video directly from cameras to media centers or OB trucks wirelessly.

Built on a bi-directional radio channel between transmitter and receiver, ABonAir’s systems acknowledge the correct acceptance of each group of pixels, thus providing exceptionally robust and reliable transmission.

System 7 Msec Delay (Sub Frame Delay)

For live event coverage & multi-camera production

Low delay enables the production of multi-camera and live shows without worrying about the delay caused by the simultaneous operation of different cameras or lip sync.

1U or Portable Receiver for Maximum Flexibility

For fixed setups or a temporary production

ABonAir receivers come in two builds – 1U and portable. Our 1U rack unit is a standard 1.75 inch / 44.50 mm in height and 19 inches / 48.3 cm wide and fits right into your standard rack. It features a frequency knob, display and supports ABonAir FCE (Fiber Coverage Extender). The 1U rack unit is perfect for professional sports and large broadcast events. Our robust portable receiver provides complete mobility. It fits in a Pelican Case and is geared towards single stage events, OB Vans and religious broadcasts

Full details on the ABonAir website

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