Xstream EFS

EditShare XStream EFS is a powerful distributed scale-out file system developed for media intensive workflows. It’s designed from the ground up to support large-scale workgroups requiring high-bandwidth, high-volume media ingest, transcoding, online collaborative editing and multiplatform distribution of HD, 2k, 4k and beyond.

Performance and resiliency

XStream EFS is based on 16-drive storage nodes, each with their own motherboard, CPU and hardware RAID-6 configuration. Every individual node has read/write performance that can exceed 2GB/sec, as well as redundancy that can survive the loss of any two drives.

Whenever you write a file to an XStream EFS system, pieces of your data – along with a second level of redundancy information – get spread out across multiple nodes in such a way that you get the combined speed of the nodes plus extra security that will protect your files, even if an entire node fails. All file metadata is written to redundant high-availability metadata controllers. EFS gives you blazing performance plus rock-solid reliability.

Tremendous scalability

Expanding an XStream EFS system is as simple as adding a new node and clicking a few buttons on a web page. In the background, pieces of data are immediately re-distributed until each node has roughly the same amount of free space. During the rebalancing process, the EFS system is fully usable, and when the expansion operation completes, your system is bigger and faster than ever before.

Accelerates collaborative media workflows

XStream EFS is designed from the ground up to support end-to-end media workflows, and comes with our Flow Production MAM platform from the go. It offers outstanding integration with industry standard broadcast and post-production systems from a range of manufacturers, supporting realtime ingest, editing and playout workflows.

Intelligent administration

Like all EditShare storage systems, XStream EFS is simple to use and manage. With just a few clicks in the EditShare Manager administration tool, users can create dedicated “spaces” for different projects, expand or contract the size of those spaces on the fly (up to the total size of the storage), and of course, set user and group rights.

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Field 2

XStream Field 2 is the perfect portable solution for when you need media and project sharing in a small, quiet box. Designed to meet even the most stringent airline regulations for carry-on baggage, Field 2 can travel with you wherever you go – providing an instant collaborative editing environment in a hotel room, on a film set, at a remote office or even in an ENG van. And it ships with our integrated Flow MAM so you can start collaborating out of the box.

Small Size – Big Performance

Field 2 has all the standard features you expect to find in EditShare’s XStream models, including hardware RAID protection, enterprise “spinning disk” or SSD drives, media and project-sharing support for Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and Lightworks, the EditShare Sync Tool (TM) for sending media to another EditShare system over the Internet – even scalability and expandability options.

Field 2 comes with 4 Ethernet ports for direct connections to client workstations or laptops.

Impressive stream counts

Each 4-drive set of 3.5-inch drives can support a “baseline performance” of 8 streams of ProRes 422 or DNxHD 145 or 24 streams of 25-Mbit video such as DV25 or XDCAM-EX 25. An 8-drive Field with 2.5 inch 10K SAS drives provides about a two-fold increase in performance over the baseline. An 8-drive Field with 2.5 inch SSD drives provides about a 6-fold increase over the baseline.

Outstanding reliability

Field 2 storage is based on the industry’s most reliable Enterprise hard disks and SSD drives and uses hardware RAID-5 or RAID-6 protection. With SSD drives the Field 2 can be used in the most severe environments without a glitch. The rugged chassis is built for easy upgrades and maintenance, with removable drive cages and a slide-out CPU tray design that allows convenient access to all components.

Big intelligence

With file-based workflows growing larger and more complex every day, EditShare believes a storage system simply has to include tools to help you catalog and manage all your files, as well as tools to help you back them up and archive them to less expensive and more energy-efficient devices. Every Field 2 system includes Flow software for file-based ingest, logging, cataloging, searching, simple cuts only editing, and drag and drop into the leading NLE applications. In addition, the Field 2 includes Ark software for backing up and archiving to qualified tape libraries.

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Flow media asset management platform provides a powerful toolset for the creative control of all files during the production process. From ingest to delivery, Flow will tag, organise and manage your media with the ability to automate workflow tasks including transcoding. With AirFlow it’s now possible to remotely access media on your shared storage system for editorial/review, increasing the opportunities for creative development outside the boundaries of your facility.

The latest Flow 3.2 release features scan and proxy support for 4K and image sequences, enhanced remote editing options, and new automation capabilities for transcoding and file delivery workflows.

The Flow product group now consists of the following options:

Flow Browse

Flow Browse allows you to manage your ingest process and provides advanced search functionality for media in local or shared storage.

Flow Automation

Flow Automation can help you to reduce your time on repetitive tasks by creating customised workflow templates and a range of other automated processes

Flow Logger

Flow Logger comes with an intuitive interface that makes for stress-free logging.

Flow Ingest

Flow Ingest gives you advanced features like the ability to capture metadata on ingest and comes with support for a massive range of video codecs.


Create your own private EditShare cloud. Airflow provides remote access to your EditShare system from anywhere in the world. The simple interface allows creative production teams to make comments which are fed back to the Flow database so that editors back at base can be guided during the creative process. And new to Airflow in Flow 3.2 is the ability to download your choice of proxy files or high-resolution media files through the web, opening up amazing possibilities for remote editing workflows with the leading NLE’s.

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Your media is precious and securing assets away from your online production storage is essential – that’s why we developed Ark. Whether you’re looking to make short-term backups of your media and project files, or you want to temporarily “park” a project, or you want to build a permanent tape archive, there is an Ark solution for you.

Integrated EditShare Workflow

Ark Disk and Ark Tape seamlessly integrate with EditShare’s XStream central storage and Flow media asset management, providing a tiered storage environment with tremendous automation and media management capabilities. Easily copy or migrate content from “online” EditShare Media Spaces to “nearline” Ark Disk and “offline” Ark Tape LTO storage. Use Flow Production MAM to view low-resolution proxy files of everything stored on Ark and quickly restore any files you want to bring back to an online state. With Ark, your media is always only a few clicks away.

Powerful Admin Tools

One clean simple application lets you control backup, archiving, and restoration for both Ark Disk and Ark Tape. Because Ark is “EditShare Storage Aware”, you see a listing of all your EditShare Media Spaces and Project Spaces in the Ark User Interface, allowing you to easily define which spaces to include in an Ark Job.

Setting up and running Ark jobs is easy with all the feedback and control you’d expect. Before a job runs, Ark logic checks to make sure the job will succeed and you can run jobs automatically at preset times – monthly, weekly, daily, even many times a day – or on demand. When any Ark job finishes, you can instantly get a report showing a list of files that were just copied. You can even have the list emailed to you.

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