Michael Martin – My First Year in Tyrell


Michael Martin is a Technical Support Engineer who joined Tyrell from BBC Northern Ireland one year ago, we asked him some questions about his background, interests, etc.

How Did You Become Interested in Technology?

I have been interested in technology for as long as I can remember, one of my childhood hobbies was opening up old electronics to see what was inside. Back in 1995 I can remember my parents getting a PC – I used to spend hours discovering how Windows 95 actually worked.

Where Did You Study?

I studied in Cork IT, I knew I wanted to do a computer or electronics course and at the CIT open day I was easily convinced to sign up as they had programmed robots to play soccer and they were one of the best in Europe at it.

I loved my time there, although Electronic Engineering was nearly 40 hours a week which really cut into my drinking time.

You Also Worked Overseas?

Yes, I moved to Sydney in 2010 and was lucky enough to get hired by a Traffic Management company called Redflex.

The work involved travelling all over Australia, and I got to see the entire country, with many overseas trips installing equipment, including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand.

Eventually I had enough of all the travel and applied for a job in Channel 7 never thinking I had a chance of getting it, but amazingly I did and I loved it straight away! It was quite an exciting job in the heart of Sydney.

They had a national breakfast show which attracted a lot of celebrities. Being a few feet away from Coldplay while they performed was a highlight, and I met Pharell, Katie Perry and Will Smith to name a few.

When Did You Move Back Home?

Eventually it was time to move home and in 2015 I was lucky to get into BBC Northern Ireland in Belfast which was an excellent experience, working with a lot of great people.

One BBC project in particular which was a great experience was the construction of the News VR Studio, which involved building a Virtual Studio Tracking System using VIZ.

When I needed to move my base back to Dublin I luckily came across Tyrell, where I have learnt so much about the industry and enjoy working on a wide variety of projects.

Your Best Journey by Car?

I have always been passionate about cars. My Dad was a builder and I spent a lot of time on building sites. I learned to drive when I was nine in a JCB and by the age of 13 I was digging foundations with a 30 ton excavator and moving earth around in a dumper. I got my license the first day I possibly could, and have done a lot of great road trips over the years.

Most memorable trip has to be the time we got the ferry to Rotterdam, and drove across Germany all the way to Prague. The car’s brakes needed to be repaired in Austria but that didn’t set us back very long. On the return journey we enjoyed the Autobahn and stopped off to do a few laps of the infamous Nürburgring, which is a motor racing complex with a Grand Prix circuit.

Crypto and Tech?

Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies are my latest fascination, partly for fun, but also trying to make a bit of money. The technology which is behind Blockchain is incredible and, in my personal opinion, there is substantial potential for future business applications in Smart Contracts, Finance, etc.

Will it eventually replace money? Who knows, but the story is compelling, and I wrote about it in a previous blog.

The Tyrell Take

Although there is disruption in the industry at the moment the demand for content is still increasing every year.
Small companies, like Tyrell, have the agility to adapt to these changes and stay ahead of the trends. One of the things I enjoy about working with Tyrell is their commitment to R&D. This year we have eight staff members attending the 2018 IBC, and although I cannot be there (somebody has to be available for support!) I know that any new tech updates will be available on our Blog and Social Channels.

Please get in touch with us if you need any help with your technology projects, it’s a conversation I’m always ready to start or continue!