Matchroom Sports – Storage DNA & Editshare


MATCHROOM Sport owns, manages and promotes sporting events, and are one of the world’s largest suppliers of sports programming; supplying virtually every major broadcaster of sports in the world.

has been supplying technology to Matchroom since 2010. Our involvement first started in the world of shared storage and collaborative editing. Following that Matchroom then added a basic archiving system, allowing them to begin backing-up their valuable sporting library.


Since then the companies requirements have evolved, and their working practices mean that Asset Management is now an essential workflow element, not only for cataloguing, but also the future retrieval of Matchroom’s valuable programmes.

Matchroom required an update of their existing system and their workflows being used for their editorial process.

The solution delivered by Tyrell was a combination of the Editshare Xtream EFS300 and the Storage DNA LT07

User Experience is always one of Tyrell’s concerns, not only for the system administrator but also for the editor and producer. Speeding up editorial as well as being able to locate and recover content quickly and easily is a crucial part of monetising assets in company archives. Cataloguing and archiving footage for future sales, and having the ability to show content to clients worldwide was also part of Matchroom’s business requirement.


Because Matchroom have such a vast amount of archive footage, enabling a more efficient workflow was key. Tyrell were keen to automate parts of the process that were causing headaches and remove the blockages in their workflow.The project was to build a more efficient system and one that every element of the company could get involved in. Accessing the various stages of the workflow in-house as well as remotely opens a whole new world of possibilities, and is now a valuable sales tool.


New equipment results in a more efficient use of support budgets, and a new machine always means less support costs.

Ultimately, content creators need to take advantage of their archive and make their assets available for sale in the global TV and Digital Content market – e.g. MIPTV

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