IBM’s LTO-8 Storage Tape


Data Growth is expanding at an alarming rate. People watched, read, listened, streamed and posted more media than ever in 2016.

As people consume more and more data there is an ever increasing need for storage.


While the price of disk storage is dropping, it still can’t beat tape for price per gigabyte, and IBM’s LTO-8 aims to drive the price down even farther, but more importantly capacity is set to double from the previous LTO 7.

Anticipated features and benefits of LTO 8 Tape include:

  • Higher Storage Capacity – 12.8TB native and up to 32TB Compressed
  • Better Performance – Expect data transfer rates of up to 1180 MB/sec compressed and 472 MB/sec uncompressed.
  • Future Compatibility – LTO 8 tapes will be able to be read by and written to by LTO 9 tape drives and be able to be read by LTO 10 drives.
  • Type M Media Support – LTO 8 Drives will be able to format new, unused LTO 7 tapes as Type M-8 media. This will allow the use of LTO 7 tapes in the LTO 8 Drive and increase the normal capacity of an LTO 7 tape by 50%, up to 22.5TB.
  • Backward Compatible – LTO 8 drives can Read and Write to LTO 7 Tapes (note LTO 8 Drives cannot read or write to LTO 6 Tapes

Being a physical media that can be kept under lock and key provides one layer of security. However, beyond locking away cartridges when not in use, encryption and WORM functionalities are providing users with deeper levels of data protection.

With no signs of slowing, the rapid growth of digital content creation means customers must always keep an eye on the future when deploying new technologies today.


It’s critical to know that there is a path to meet the future capacity and performance requirements that will inevitably come. LTO has proven capable of meeting these demands by delivering eight generations of capacity and performance growth, with another four generations defined for the future.

Knowing how technical specifications will change is an integral part of our project management profile, and our Technical Team has over 200 years of Broadcast and Media Industry experience, including Corporate Studio Installations.


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