IBM Cloud Video #NAB2018


As a result of IBM’s global re-branding and positioning of products and services, Ustream is now formally known as IBM Cloud Video.

It is now a complete Streaming Video Platform and hosting service being used by major companies worldwide including Sony, Airbnb and Mazda to service the majority of their corporate communications needs.

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager is a scalable, cloud-based online video platform that is an end-to-end solution for live or on-demand content to an external audience. Managed from a dashboard by account administrators, the service supports both ease-of-use and complex setups. An optional registration gate can also be added to content, resulting in the generation of leads from video assets.

It simplifies Live broadcast, Recording, Publishing, and Measurement all from a single integrated platform.

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager for Enterprise makes it easy to deliver conferences, training and department communications to employees everywhere. Powering workforce engagement and collaboration through secure, internal facing video delivered via a live and on-demand streaming platform that’s automatically updated with new features, alleviating costly updates and continued maintenance from IT.

The Tyrell Take

In a world where streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Periscope has become so popular and straightforward, there are plenty of reasons why IBM Cloud Video is still essential for business to guarantee excellent quality and reliability.

Jose de Freitas – Director of Projects – Tyrell