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ibc 2017

The 5 day event that is IBC in Amsterdam has closed for another year. Despite the heavy rain, the very busy schedule, late nights, early morning, we return exhausted, but enthusiastic about the months or next year ahead.

We caught up with lots of existing relationships and definitely started some new one, USA, Israel & Spain to name a few we listened and witnessed the constant evolution, as everyone pointed upwards to the cloud that the industry is about to embrace, everyone with a slightly different flavour of course, that on paper should be able to collaborate.

The overarching theme that I took away this year was that traditional vendors are busy maintaining their loyal customer base with simply designed interfaces, while in the background leveraging the widely available scalable data centre infrastructure technology,

IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Amazon are all infrastructures that our industry are now becoming very reliant on, we’re very, very close to days of secure, Live Video Over IP pointed at multiple virtual storage devices, where auto-tagging, picture detection and transcribing of that audio, transcoding it and moving that on to users or viewers is alive and well, yes, it will need to be improved, but that will take some time as it will need to learn what our intentions are.

All in all very exciting and one to watch as the game is on.


The Opex Vs. Capex conversation is still very much alive and well, with some companies adopting SaaS models, offsetting the costs against the current project(s) with some even considering paid up proof of concepts, to ensure they don’t make the wrong technology decision on expensive infrastructure decisions, one thing is for sure, is that we are at the midway point through this transition and we expect it to be adopted much quicker.

The monthly debate in Tyrell now is how we are traditional resellers, selling physical solutions and supporting the system evolve and embrace this new world, so we’re at the start of our journey where we intend to resell manufacturers cloud offerings, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and of course with the technical knowledge our customers value from Tyrell.

One word of advice, book your accommodation early and bring the wets and hire a bike, see you all in the cycle lanes next year !

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Bryan Malone – Managing Director – Tyrell – Follow Bryan on Twitter

Lynn Keegan

Last time I visited IBC was 13 years ago, when I worked for Avid,  I usually tend to stay in the background in Tyrell – but after many years of people asking me if I was going I figured it was time to pay  a visit to the 2017 IBC.

My main reason for going was to meet suppliers that I have been dealing with for years but never actually met, and it was great to put a face to the names and meet some new contacts.  I also caught up with a lot of old friends, and couldn’t believe the size of the RAI – the app came in very handy for planning the day!

Lynn Keegan – Operations Director – Tyrell


The difference between IBC 2016 and 2017 for me was like night and day.

As this was my second visit as a delegate I was far kinder to my feet by focusing on halls rather than walking back and forth, I don’t mind admitting to the world that after 20 odd years of exhibiting this was a revelation! I strongly suspect I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know!

My focus for this year was to fill some holes that we had in our solutions and in doing so have come away with some exciting partnerships with Eizo, Pixit, JVC and IHSE. It wasn’t until I was at the show that the impact the word Partnerships really had on me. It started off with receiving a wonderful award from Clear-Com for our efforts promoting their world class IP intercom.

Then through the show the message from existing manufacturers and end users was consistent, they love working with us and how we like to do business. We want to our relationship to not be transaction but to be long term partnerships. For two years Tyrell has been working on developing its UK and Ireland teams, developing our approach and trying to be a different reseller. Its heart-warming to know that each end of the market is enjoying sharing their business requirements with us.

One of the technical takeaways are that more and more companies are providing CDN services, a clear indication that the world of IP based broadcasting is opening up to all, the democratisation of content and messaging has truly arrived. From the sophisticated products such as Intinor through to JVC’s range of Studio/ENG Cameras that stream directly to your chosen CDN. These cameras even allow you to insert graphics and manipulate graphics directly from you pan bar.

The idea that I could have a camera at a game, add titles, lower 3rds, change score from a tablet and broadcast via RTMP to a CDN is truly the best example of this democratisation. If I include the wonderful work that our friends at Livestream are doing then as a Tyrell’s Sales Director I am excited about the potential of this market and excited that we have the best manufacturing partners to help us provide innovative streaming solutions.

Cloud Storage messaging was clear, more companies announcing integration and support for providers in their products however my takeaway from the show is that the M&E business still isn’t sure how to best make use of this technology. The M&E is excited about the potential but several manufacturers I spoke to confirmed they are aligning themselves with cloud storage but that the reasons for moving into this technical and financial model are still not clear nor fully understood by many users.

This IBC saw two very interesting Asset Management announcements from Avid and Nexis, each making bold strategic moves with their respective asset managers. With EditShare opening up Flow as a standalone tool for use on any storage and Avid announcing MediaCentral Editorial, we’ve waited a long while for an Avid Asset Manager targeting the production and post communities. It will be interesting to see what impact these two changes have on the market. It’s a clear indication the value both companies place on this area being a key differentiator in the storage battle.

My last words to close this IBC 2017 review is to invite you to discuss your business needs with our team, share in our excitement and let’s develop lifelong partnerships together.

Dan Muchmore – Sales Director – Tyrell (Follow Dan on Twitter)


Another IBC over, my feet still hurt, I’m almost fully hydrated but still a little tired.  Although I felt it was not a busy as in recent years, the stats say different.  Who am I to question the attendance statistics? But I also felt that there was no big fanfare. Most years there are minor changes year-on-year that keep this industry evolving.  This year, IBC had no game changers. But something big is lurking…

It was a very interesting show as I tasked myself to see IBC 2017 from a CTO’s perspective, as I am ultimately responsible for Tyrell’s product portfolio, I’m tasked with gazing into the future.

HD is standard definition, 4K video is high definition, 8K video is posh but it’s too clean and there is so much content that all the cloud providers are indexing for your personal MAM, Dashboard, UX etc. Collaborative content creation tools all exist virtually now and pop-up post-production companies can instantly be spun up in the cloud, once you’ve a dark fibre installed to your door.

Broadcast video over IP is defined as a standard over which you can plug into your network and receive on multiple devices on yours or any network. A transport and timing protocol for Video, Audio and Metadata but splitting the signals into independent essences. Mix and Match tracks from multiple essence feeds to different devices with no need for large Video/Audio routers or Audio Embedders, de-embedders or shufflers.

Then I wake up, it’s only 13 weeks to Christmas and then another 15 weeks to NAB 2018 when some of that future will be a reality. SDI has and will continue to serve us well but it’s cloud-ready replacement is ready to take over.  SMPTE 2110 will be ratified later this year and the migration from SDI to IP will finally begin, allowing our creative industry to be even more creative, streamlined and efficient for hopefully better content to more viewer.

Declan Hogan – Group Technical Director – Tyrell (Follow Declan on Twitter)


So IBC is over for another year and what do we take away other than sore feet and major dehydration.

Cloud Solutions seem to heading into maturity, gone are the days of people thinking about doing it and in come the days of doing it. We can see that many manufacturers are making and continuing to forge relationships and partnerships into this ever-changing technology advance.

Facebook and Google are an ever-present force and they have to be taken very seriously as the way that the consumer receives content has shifted. Streaming services are being offered by those who had previously had focus on content creation rather than content delivery, JVC for example have their own CDN which in some forms are free to the user.

I remember Bryan (Tyrell MD and owner) used to dream of having his own Tyrell TV channel and in various forms we did do that although we needed Kit that cost tens of thousands of pounds to achieve this. Now you can have a phone and a streaming account and you can reach a whole new audience in seconds.

Now I’m not saying that Television as we know it is over, far from it.

There will always been event TV but this technology is driving new and exciting developments. Take Intinor for example, they provide very high quality video distribution over IP using bonded cellular networks. Livestream have a TV studio and Distribution in a box for the YouTube and facebook generation. It’s a brave new world and I am excited that Tyrell are at the fore front of many of these technologies. See you next year IBC I’m looking forward to it already.

Get in touch with the Tyrell team and we can introduce you to the people that design and build extraordinary things.

Adam Lewiston – Pre-Sales & Support Manager – Tyrell (Follow Adam on Twitter)