Why I joined Tyrell – Dan Muchmore

Dan Muchmore


Getting my career started involved cycling 25 miles every day through The New Forest to work at a recording studio, called The M Corporation, located in Ringwood in the South of England.

Back then the bike was my only transport, so I had cycled a total of 50 miles by the time I got back home in the evening! Needing work experience I continued this internship for 6 months until I was hired by the company.

I was mesmerized by the process of recording, and wanted to be part of the recording industry,  the infrastructure and techniques of the recording studio became my fascination. Before starting work I was studying Technical Drawing, looking back now I can see how it all fitted together.


In 1999 my career had progressed to Avid where I was fortunate enough to develop from Pre-Sales, through to Escalation Engineer, eventually becoming the European Support Manager during my 10 years with Avid.

I was fortunate at Avid to be there at the time when Audio and Video were being integrated, both in departmental and technical level. Today we take for granted things that were, back then, a massive step. Because I’ve seen how the industry has progressed through different generations of innovation, I’m always tuned in to future opportunities and how we can facilitate change management for the organisations we work with.

In 2010 I joined Clear-Com as an Account Manager and was promoted as the Sales Manager for the Nordic Region and finally became the Director of Sales for Military, Aviation & Government (MAG).

Post-Production has always been my strong interest and my role here in Tyrell allows me to explore the solutions space, which continues to be my enduring business focus.

After five years at Clear-Com I spent two years working with Vitec Videocom as Director of Strategic Sales for EMEA, and then I made the move to Tyrell in 2016.


Having a ‘Customer Service Mind’ helps when it comes to managing the details of a project and the needs of a customer.  One story in particular comes to mind: I was managing a project for a large international broadcaster. There were some problems with one of our products they had invested in.

I convinced my product manager that we had to take responsibility for this, much against his will. Shortly afterwards the client opened new facilities in several other countries for which we won the supply contracts, which would never have happened unless we had taken on the responsibility for our product and advocated on behalf of the customer.


I have twice enjoyed being an account manager for Tyrell and have always been impressed by Byran Malone’s (Tyrell MD) approach to business. I was impressed by Bryan’s generosity with his time, he was always interested in the thinking behind my approach to technical projects. The business approach of many re-sellers can only be described as ‘shifting boxes’, but I’m more interested in building infrastructure. Tyrell has always been a trusted partner of mine in the past and so it was a very easy decision to be part of it’s future.

Our approach to business involves a deep understanding of how to bring value, both to the manufacturer and end user, when we commit to a project we take ownership and make technical decisions only when we know that the customer would be happy to make that investment.



Wasps RFC is one of my passions and I never miss a chance to play Rugby. Guitars are also an obsession and I have 4 electric, 2 acoustic and 1 bass – music will always be in my blood!

Dan Muchmore – Sales Director – Tyrell

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