Security in the Media Industry


10 years ago Security in the Media Industry was a slightly easier beast to control, an entire production could go from start to finish without ever needing to directly access the internet.

But nowadays with the explosion of Tapeless Workflows and delivery, to remove internet access could potentially cripple a production. so that raises the question, what can be done to stay secure?

Unfortunately its not always so easy to enforce security policies on production machines, I mean if you take a look at some Avid requirements alone; you disable the Firewall, disable Antivirus and disable updates, great for Avid software… but not too great for the security.

2018 Tech Trends – Tyrell’s Top Ten


1. General Data Protection Regulation Will Impact Everyday Business

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into effect in 2018 on May 25th and we think this is going to have 2 areas of concern for the Media Sector.

Firstly companies will have to look at how data is being stored if it contains personal information (this includes video footage) so that could change a lot of setups/data retention etc.

Secondly it will potentially lead to advertisers being able to target their audience with better accuracy so could have a big impact on advertising.

Tyrell Charity Support for Christmas


Each year Tyrell picks a different charity and instead of sending Christmas Cards we decide to make a contribution towards helping people at this special time of the year.

For 2017 we have chosen two charities: Action For Children based in the UK & Saint Vincent de Paul based in the Ireland.

Everybody Loves Bitcoin


Bitcoin for a lot of people is a new term which is making the news, hitting record prices. Here we give some insight on this new form of currency, and what it means for our industry.

A lot of negative speculation has surrounded it since its conception, even today despite rising from €10 a coin in 2013,

“It’s a dangerous volatile bubble…”

Says ‘top’ economist Stephen Roach. Generally, I find that these people seem to have no grasp of the exceptional technology, mathematics and cryptography involved, and in my opinion, Bitcoin is here to stay and so too are the best of the competing ‘Alt Coins’ who are all battling for market capacity, and finding their niche in the process.