Freedom to Create – With Avid Media Composer


In this blog we take a look at the Wave of Creativity which was released by Web 2.0 and what this means for content creators, who now have seemingly free access to tools which previously were prohibitively expensive. Deconstructing the myth of ‘instant internet millions’ we take a look at how two of the most successful YouTubers worked their way to the top and how this new era affects our industry.


First of all let’s get some free stuff sorted.

SpaceCrate™ – An Innovative Mobile Studio


SpaceCrate™ is an innovative new concept, a soundproofed, acoustically modelled and air conditioned studio space housed within a 20′ ISO shipping container. Combining the attributes of both to allow next-level flexibility for specialist premises.

SpaceCrate™ has been designed by some of the world’s leading experts in studio design and acoustics.


The result is a distillation of all that world-class wisdom. A no-hassle, guaranteed outcome. Prefabricated and ready to deploy, move (and move again) on a temporary or permanent basis.

Why You Should Have a Studio – With Jose de Freitas (Tyrell Director of Projects)


Business is moving to video to communicate, both internally and externally, because video is increasingly becoming more cost effective and this trend is set to continue.

Until recently this kind of studio facility was only in the realms of broadcast TV stations but Corporates can now access their own on-campus Webcast TV Studios for their business development in the digital age.


The question is where do they turn to for advice and consultation on how to implement the build for this crucial aspect of their corporate future?

Stephen Murnane – Key Account Manager


Tyrell welcomes Stephen Murnane, our new Key Account Manager, who joins us from Eurotek

Stephen strengthens our capacity to provide solutions in the recovering post-production market. Having worked in post-production for 16 years he has an innate understanding of Post, Animation and Vfx work-flows.

Stephen always had a strong interest in Science and started his career in Technology in London, working for Omron Electronics as a Sales Engineer. Returning to Ireland with his family, he worked with Dell in Major Account Sales.