Reasons to Stay in Touch After #GDPR


What is a Value Added Reseller? or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust Tyrell!

What’s the point of a reseller ? well in some cases very little point. Some will sell you the ‘product du jour’ and, dare I say it the most profitable product at the time. Others will sell you what they can supply and try to make it fit, rather than the product that is the correct solution. Then they will disappear and reappear when you have money again.

The Three ‘C’s of #Animation & #VFxStorage


Centralisation, Collaboration and Continuity

Here at Tyrell we pride ourselves at spotting trends and responding accordingly. What we are seeing now when companies are examining their storage strategy is the three ‘C’s , namely Centralisation, Collaboration and Continuity.


Centralisation used to be a suggestion that on the face of it made absolute sense, but in reality  would strike fear into the hearts of IT/facility managers. The fear of the system sitting down and along with it the whole facility meant that you couldn’t realistically centralise everything without mirroring everything on a second solution.

Responding to Digital #Disruption


Disruption is the new normal, and if it’s a problem for you – it’s definitely a problem for us!

Navigating the complicated landscape of digital disruption is a challenge, and in this blog we gaze into the future of what’s coming, making some suggestions about how to future-proof your business, enhancing  productivity whilst taking advantage of opportunities.

The Media Industry is inherently linked to Technology and any Photographer/Film-Maker knows only too well how much has already changed with the transition from analogue film to fully digital workflows.

The Big Interview : Dan Muchmore


What is Tyrell’s position in the Industry?

Tyrell has been providing solutions to the Broadcast, Production and Live communities since 2000. Over the last eighteen years we have established ourselves as the leading provider of professional Video, Audio, Graphics and Storage solutions to the UK and Irish Broadcast, Education, Post-Production and Corporate markets.

Tyrell specialise in understanding complex workflows and developing solutions that will enable your business to focus on the creative process, providing workflows that enable staff to perform efficiently, and empowering business development.