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avid nexis

The world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application.

Avid NEXIS Opens Up Creative Horizons by combining work from Adobe, Avid & Final Cut Pro

The soaring demand for high-resolution video content across the entire media ecosystem is
placing immense pressure on production workflows and media storage infrastructure.
To adapt and thrive in the new high-res era, organizations need advanced media storage that streamlines workflows and simplifies file management. Avid NEXIS protects your media, allows for secure access, and ensures high performance for teams of all sizes.

This quick 3.5 minute video gives an overview of what the Nexis can do for your business:

Flexible production with a software-defined storage platform

Avid NEXIS is designed to accelerate online and nearline production, giving teams easy on-demand access to a shared pool of storage—scalable to nearly 3 PB—that can be quickly provisioned and repurposed. Tailor and tune each workspace’s capacity, performance, and drive protection to the project and client. Conveniently manage the system through a web interface or management APIs. And easily scale it to accommodate the smallest teams to the largest media enterprises.

Save money while protecting your investment

Why waste time and money piecing together a workflow that may change months down the line? Avid NEXIS is built for the MediaCentral Platform, so it easily integrates with your existing Avid and third-party platform applications and services. And its scale-out storage architecture enables you to mix and match components to meet your needs and budget now and in the future. Upgrade capacity and bandwidth as your needs grow. And add redundancy when higher availability is required.


Gain the agility to adapt quickly to changes

Media production is unpredictable. With Avid NEXIS, you can make changes dynamically, without disruption or downtime. Give critical projects and high-priority teams maximum performance to shared assets while throttling back on less important workflows. Enable remote and collaborative workflows with Media Composer | Cloud Remote and MediaCentral | UX. Scale capacity and bandwidth linearly to keep large productions moving. And easily expand your workflow to new platform applications and services.

Experience the industry’s most secure and reliable workflows

All Avid NEXIS systems are powered by a common, unique file system at their core—NEXIS | FS. This highly intelligent, scalable file system delivers the unrivaled industry-trusted performance and reliability today’s media production demands. And it empowers your production with the bulletproof security, fail-safe disk protection, high availability, workspace flexibility, and open extensibility you and your business need to succeed.

Avid Nexis
Avid = Collaboration

Avid is committed to improving collaboration across the broadest of media workflows, and the same software update also introduces multi-seat support for Pro Tools. Audio and video creatives can now share projects with ease, and complete them faster as a result. Avid’s intelligent software-defined storage, with its intuitive management of workspace and bandwidth, is acknowledged as the benchmark for creative collaboration.

Avid NEXIS and Pro Tools have been extensively tuned and tested to deliver the high standard of media protection already associated with Avid NEXIS – a failed drive no longer means a lost project or wasted time restoring it. Both audio and video workflows are accelerated by fuss-free file sharing – now you don’t need to connect an external drive and wait while copying media, or wait to push-pull projects. We also test with a broad range of Avid and partner workflow components to ensure that Avid NEXIS performs across a range of different broadcast and post-production pipelines.

Avid Nexis

Intelligent storage for real-time media production

Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Avid NEXIS is the world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application. This powerful system delivers unmatched flexibility, control, and extensibility to Avid MediaCentral Platform applications. And now it offers double the original capacity and performance, enabling you to mix and match engines to form virtualizable pools of storage to streamline, expand, and accelerate workflows at every stage of your business.

Avid NEXIS – Never Obsolete

Since Avid NEXIS Enterprise storage engines are fully compatible with one another, they can be mixed, matched and augmented, so a storage investment in Avid NEXIS is never obsolete, as capacity, bandwidth performance and availability can be upgraded as content and production demands change.

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Here’s 3 videos all about the Avid Nexis storage platform

This 2 minute video is a quick overview of how the Nexis system works

This 4 minute video is a short guide about how to install Nexis into your system

This 12 minute video gives a more technical overview of the Nexis

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