Audio Evolution Turn To Autograph Sales & Installations For New Comms

Audio Evolution Turn To Autograph Sales and Installations For New Comms



Hertfordshire-based audio evolution are a specialist provider of event solutions, created to meet the demand for high-end, bespoke audio to accompany the visual services offered by their sister company pixl evolution, global leaders in corporate and special event video.

As part of a major investment programme in sound equipment, the company turned to Autograph Sales & Installations to supply the comms that is a vital component of all sophisticated contemporary productions. Autograph supplied a combination of units from Clear-Com’s Freespeak II and HelixNet ranges, including 25 Freespeak II and 36 HelixNet beltpacks, 100 headsets and three HelixNet Base Stations, plus a wide selection of accessories including antennae and antenna splitters, spare batteries and chargers.

Peter Russell is audio evolution’s Audio Project Manager and commented, ‘I have a long history of using Clear-Com products and have always been impressed with the flexibility and reliability of the equipment.’

‘I felt that the combination of HelixNet and Freespeak II is the best comms solution currently available for live events. Comms are an area onsite that gets very little build time and it is critical that we have products that can be deployed quickly and allow for last minute changes on the fly. Comms also is the one department that is not allowed to fail as the show would have to stop, so it is critical that I trust the equipment is going to work flawlessly in the hands of the client every time.’

Peter continues, ‘Our comms equipment has already been deployed on numerous jobs across the UK and Europe, including several high-profile events for leading internet search and cloud-based computing companies.’