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Knox Media Hub provides a SaaS Cloud-based solution that relieves many of the common client burdens.  It takes care of many video processing operations and executes them in the cloud where the resources are unlimited.  In addition, suppliers, partners and clients can connect into a collaborative workspace making jobs very easy.

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If you are asking yourself what your cloud strategy will be or know that you need to be looking for an opex way of running your workflows, then Knox Media Hub (KMH) should be on your radar. Knox Media Hub provides a SaaS Cloud-based solution for all common post production, broadcast and distribution workflows.  Using Amazon Web Services, Knox Media Hub offers:

  • File basedvideo ingest (FTP or Accelerated File Delivery)- with ever increasing file sizes does a on-prem storage strategy make sense for your business needs?
  • Transcoding Services– scale up and down for transcoding services at any time

taking advantage of infinite processing power.

  • Quality Control-as with transcoding services, KMH offers you an opex, scale when needed approach to QCing your content.
  • MAM-being a SaaS Cloud service KMH offers Post, Broadcast and distributors local and global view on assets without the cost and architectural issues relating to on premise
  • Playout– KMH offers broadcasters a SaaS based approach to launching a channel in hours and an alternative to hardware based buying and implementation schedules.

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