Evolphin is all about managing digital assets. They specialise in creative workflows for any type of content including images, audio, and video. Driven by innovation, integrity and a commitment to deliver on promises made, their Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Asset Management (MAM) software pushes boundaries and massively improves the way people create, manage, and collaborate on their media.

Evolphin Zoom

Master video post production workflows and creative media asset management. With Evolphin Zoom you can:

  • Access your videos and graphics without leaving Adobe CC or other editing applications.
  • Automate the ingest of content from any device
  • Find, organise, and keep track of all your video and media assets in one single place
  • Mouse over media to see previews.
  • Create, find, edit, and share videos, update proxies, and get real-time feedback without leaving your favourite applications

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