MEET 8 PEOPLE from Tyrell – At BVE 2018


The seconds of your life are ticking away, and when it comes to managing projects none of us have any time to waste. For BVE we decided to introduce eight of our key Technical Team members, giving you some insight into who they are, and how they can help with your project.

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Tyrell was founded in 2000 by Bryan Malone, who is our Managing Director:

BVE is an exciting time for us because we have the potential to meet and greet new people at the Expo here in London – onboarding new customers is a process we are constantly improving, and we cherish every new contact we make – make sure you drop by our Stand Q23 on your trails around the fair.”

Dan Muchmore is our Sales Director

“I love the energy that flows around a show like BVE. For social animals such as myself and our team it’s an exciting opportunity for us meet a lot of people in a small space of time, something that would take months if we stayed in the comfort of our office. I am so excited by the team we have put together and cannot wait to see them in action and looking to make customers smile by understanding and solving their problems. “

Declan Hogan is our Group Technical Director

“Stargazing is my role here at BVE, I look into the future and map out the technical landscape for our clients – attempting to solve problems that don’t exist yet. For years we have seen the convergence of IT and Broadcasting to the extent that Broadcasting is a cloud-based app. The move from SDI to IP-SDI and SaaS workflows are big part of our current research. Then gazing into the Blockchain Universe offers potential for honest transactions involving everything from Support to Software, but that’s another story”

Adam Lewiston is our Pre-Sales & Support Manager

“With our New Support Offering I’m really looking forward to getting that message out at BVE. We see this as an opportunity not only to meet New Support Customers but also to reconnect with our existing client base. We have a great stand, as always, so I’m looking forward to the work that the pre-sales team are going to get involved with.”

José De Freitas is our Director of Projects

 “With Live Broadcast there’s no room to be half-baked – it’s an unforgiving technical environment and what I do is bring the same kind of results to other Tyrell projects, whether they be Corporate Studio installations or Livestreaming event productions. BVE always gives me an opportunity to see how our industry grows and adapts to changing technology. ”

Greg Abell is Tyrell’s Pre-Sales Engineer

“A major part of my role as a Pre-Sales engineer is showing clients how they can leverage the technology we provide to make their lives easier and their work flow more efficient. BVE gives us the chance to get manufacturers and clients together to get excited about broadcast tech, that’s what my job’s all about.”

Johnny Reed is our Sales Account Manager

“I have always enjoyed the buzz of a trade show, to me there’s real value engaging face to face with new customers who each bring new ideas and requirements to the table. I believe BVE is the perfect place to meet existing clients, engage with potential customers and challenge their workflows to be more efficient and cost effective.”

Ross McSween is our Technical Support Engineer

BVE is always a great chance to catch up with everyone, not just only to see new any new products that are getting released, but more importantly to see what the end users are showing interest in, and what new bit of technology is getting people excited.”

invites you to drop in to Stand Q23 – we have a hospitality area, some excellent freebies, and people who want to start or continue the conversation.


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