During the late 1980’s Corporate Video budgets were estimated at £1000 per minute when the total cost of staff, cameras, and post production were taken into account. Considering that an Avid editing suite would have cost over £120,000 and the cameras required would be a similar amount this comes as no surprise.

Today you can download a free copy of Avid Media Composer and get started in video production using consumer-grade cameras and phones. Content creators have never had it so good as the cost of tools continues to drop, and we are a long way from the days when making a high quality video was beyond the reach of most people.

In a previous blog we took a looked at the Wave of Creativity which was released by Web 2.0 and what this means for content creators, who now have seemingly free access to tools which previously were prohibitively expensive.

Major live events such as stadium football matches still require an OB Truck which costs £2-3m, but apart from these we see an explosion of small events in the world of Livestreaming.

Live streaming has now become mainstream with Facebook, and YouTube including it as a free service on their platforms, making the ability to broadcast live available to the mass-market.

Online is where the audience lives, and Streaming media or Livestreaming is enabling companies and individuals to broadcast their message to that audience.

Another peculiar aspect of this business cycle is that Corporates now have access to Green-Screen Studios which were previously prohibitively expensive.

The audience wants to hear a story which is all about them, and why it’s relevant to their business. Making this story as interesting and entertaining as possible will always help conversions and this is why Corporates are deciding to invest in a media asset which could help to generate sales.

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