Storage DNA at #IBC2018


StorageDNA are very good at pushing what we expect LTO tape to do for our workflows. Yes its a great long term storage medium but if given the right access tools it’s also a highly cost effective and more stable alternative to hard drives. The team were at IBC this year showcasing the Hypertape solution.

StorageDNA HYPERTAPE with the myLTOdna front end now gives you direct access to your LTO media via any Mac system. Offering LTO 8 access speeds powerful enough to transcode your high-resolution rushes directly from the LTO tape. There is a range of other workflow benefits available with StorageDNA HYPERTAPE so talk to the Tyrell team today for more information.

In a world where 4K content takes up a lot of storage space, doesn’t it make more sense to put your rushes on a single 12TB LTO8 tape that costs £147.00 rather than multiple 4TB rugged drives that cost you 4 times as much?

The Tyrell Take

One of the biggest challenges LTO faces is the generational refresh, each offering more capacity with faster access and a cheaper cost per GB. We are seeing a new generation of LTO every 2-3 years and it’s very rare that customers are migrating their entire library to a new LTO generation every time a new LTO version is released. There is also the slight issue of drive to tape capability, there has always been an unofficial rule of read 2 write 1 with LTO drives, this means an LTO 7 drives can read up to LTO 5 tapes and write to LTO 6, but with LTO 8 we saw that rule broken, LTO 8 drives won’t read LTO 6 tapes.

DNAevolution with multigeneration LTO offers for LTO-5/6/7/8 drives to co-exist in the same library, intelligently picking free drives based on the task and generation of tape to help manage your multi-generation LTO archive.

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