Blue Fish 444 - The Professional's Choice

Create 3D Ultra

The Bluefish444 Create 3D Ultra Video Card, with 3G-SDI, can be used for 4:4:4 digital intermediary workflow and integrated with symmetry software for windows DI acquisition, preview, and playout. The Ultra video card offers support for 2048x1556PsF@14.98Hz, 15Hz, 18.98Hz, 19Hz video modes, and incorporates dual link inputs.

The Create 3D Ultra Video Card comes with 12 bit video processing for inter conversion between RGB and YUV colour spaces. It can be utilized for uncompressed HD/SD digital content creation, and is suitable for users needing to connect digital VTRs, cameras, and monitors in HD or SD SDI (standard definition serial digital interface). In addition, the Create 3D Ultra Video Card supports hardware based real-time up, down, or cross conversion during video capture or playback. Dual SDI (serial digital interface) enables broadcasting of an actual and converted signal at the same time.


3G-SDI (Serial Digital Interface)
For 4:4:4 Digital Intermediary Workflow
Integration with Symmetry Software
3 x 1D LUT (Look Up Tables)
Supports 2048x1556PsF@14.98Hz Video Mode
Supports 15Hz/18.98Hz/19Hz Video Mode
25 x 25 TAP Sinc(x) Scaling Algorithm
DVI/HDMI Preview Output
Real-time Up/Down Conversions

Epoch 2K Ultra

The Bluefish444 Epoch 2K Ultra Video Card, with 3G-SDI, 12-bit video processing, and Stereoscopic 3D capability, can be used for broadcast engineering applications. It provides maximum bandwidth of up to 1.1 Gb/sec offering full duplex DMA (direct memory access) for two streams.

Incorporating 3 x 1D LUT on all outputs, the Epoch 2K Ultra Video Card enables accurate calibration of the display device and log/linear conversion. It comes with 12 bit video processing for inter conversion between RGB and YUV colour spaces. The DVI/HDMI preview output features hardware based scaling that bypasses the low quality internal scaler of the display, and converts the selected input/output to display native resolution and frame rate.


3G-SDI (Serial Digital Interface)
12 Bit Video Processing
Stereoscopic 3D
Maximum bandwidth – up to 1.1 Gb/sec
Full Duplex DMA (Direct Memory Access)
3 x 1D LUT (Look Up Tables)
DVI/HDMI Preview Output
RapidFlow+MR2 Technology
Supports 2048x1556PsF/14.98Hz Video Mode
Supports 18.98Hz/19Hz Video Modes