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Video projects today involve managing an ever-increasing amount of media, and keeping the content organized and accessible can be time-consuming and difficult. Varying codecs, formats, resolutions, frame rates, and rasters must be copied, transcoded, or consolidated, making it difficult to focus on the creative work. Editors need advanced solutions that provide the flexibility and adaptability necessary to efficiently manage complex workflows.

Media Composer | Software enables you to automate media management tasks in the background with proven accelerated file-based workflows, ACE-certified tools, and the most trusted media management in the industry. By keeping track of all your projects, assets, source material, rendered files, metadata, and more, Media Composer | Software frees you to focus on telling a great story.

Media Composer | Software features AMA (Avid Media Access), which enables you to access and edit file-based media immediately—without transcoding—and export final sequences back for full round-trip workflows. Plus, you gain efficiency and peace of mind knowing that Media Composer manages AMA-linked media as reliably as it does with other project assets—from acquisition to archive.

Symphony and Newscutter are now optional upgrades to Media Composer



Get even greater beauty without the bandwidth. With DNxHR, you can work with a greater range of resolutions than ever to fit the task at hand—from lightweight yet beautifully detailed proxies, to mastering-quality HD or 4K. Plus, DNxHR is completely backwards compatible with DNxHD, as it’s built on the same extensible, standards-based media codec, plus you can mix both types of media on the same timeline. If you’re working in an HD-capable facility, DNxHR—part of the full Avid Resolution Independence workflow—will help bridge the gap between your current infrastructure and working with high-res media

QuickTime Export for DNxHR

Media Composer now includes QuickTime codecs for DNxHR media. This allows you to perform a QuickTime Movie export or QuickTime Reference export of higher than HD resolution media. Both “Same as Source” and Custom exports are supported.

Support for XAVC-I UHD/4K

With this new release you can AMA link, consolidate, and export greater than HD XAVC-I media. You’ll also see better performance when doing decode or playback functions.

Export DNxHR as MXF OP1a

The Avid editing application now supports exporting DNxHR as MXF OP1a wrapped media. You can output up to 16 channels of audio and ancillary data. Go to AMA File Export, or right-click the sequence and select AMA File Export to access the AMA File Export Dialog.

Media Composer | Symphony Option

Correct color and master faster by adding advanced and secondary color correction tools, plus mastering tools, to your editing workflow with this option for Media Composer. What’s more, it comes with Boris Continuum Complete Lite, enabling you to create stunning 2D and 3D graphics and effects to get the look you want. The Symphony Option is included with all Media Composer subscriptions and available for purchase to Media Composer owners.

Media Composer | NewsCutter Option

Integrate Media Composer directly with iNEWS and/or ENPS systems to streamline your news editing to on-air workflow with this option for Media Composer. This option adds the functionality of the NRCS Tool found in NewsCutter, which is now discontinued, though many of its features and settings are now a part of Media Composer.

Mac GPU Support

Certain Effects can now be accelerated using GPU hardware on Mac systems. You can find a new text file called “QualifiedGpuBoards.txt” in HD/Applications / Avid Media Composer / SupportingFiles / Config, which opens up support for the listed boards, handing off some of the processing to the GPU. The supported GPU effects are the same on the Mac side as on the PC side and will result in an improvement of playback performance (with effects) and rendering.

New Features:

Create XAVC-I masters at UHD and 4K resolution
Export high-res files in DPX format
Easily switch project resolutions and have all precompute clips (renders) automatically relink
Search for bins within the Project window using the Quick Filter tool
Toggle clips and tracks on and off in the timeline to explore and compare
Speed up editing with new timeline enhancements
Read DPX files without transcoding using the Avid Image Sequencer plug-in
Create groups from stereoscopic clips for easy multicam editing
Automate non-creative tasks such as transcoding, copying, and consolidating in the background with Dynamic Media Folders
Keep your Avid software, plug-ins, and related third-party software up to date with the application manager
Gain total control over your soundtrack with support for 64-bit AAX audio plug-ins, Clip Gain control, and new Master Audio Fader
Expand your editorial abilities with options, including advanced and secondary color tools, iNEWS/ENPS integration, and hardware acceleration
Assign bins as “favorites” so you always have access to frequently used material in any project
Locate files faster with new search capabilities that quickly filter results as you type and extend coverage to comments and markers
Experience better performance with image thumbnail caching, GPU processing support for AVX2 plug-ins, and more
Create comprehensive reference files easily with the new Simplified AAF format

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