NewTek Tricaster 8000

The NewTek TriCaster 8000 is an 8-camera input, tightly integrated hardware and software solution for streaming video online and for producing live events. The TriCaster comes with an appropriate control surface and with a powerful user interface. Altogether the package offers built-in multi-track ISO recording with broadcast, projector, and online output options, completely customizable visuals, powerful 3D effects, video playback, graphics, transitions, virtual sets and more.

Digital and analog outputs are available for streaming to broadcast machines, to live projectors, and to video routers. You can also connect to a network by Ethernet and stream videos directly to the web. At the same time, you can store files to very high-capacity internal and external drives. The 8000 is a 4RU device designed for large-scale, multi-camera production in native full-resolution HD.


Web & TV Streaming / Live Productions
24 Channels / 8 Camera Inputs
Output to 14 Display Destinations
Built-In Multi-Track ISO Recording
Powerful TriCaster 8000 User Interface
Customizable Visuals
Push-Button Live Streaming
Limitless Up / Down Scaling
8 Re-Entrant M/Es
4U Rack Height

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NewTek Tricaster 400 Series

TriCaster 460 and 410 are all-purpose, 4-camera video production systems scaled for smaller racks and mobile units. From live and on-demand programs that look infinitely bigger to engaging social and second-screen experiences, create multi-platform productions to open up more revenue opportunities and extend your brand.

4-camera, 4-M/E 16-channel video switcher
Integrated audio mixer, media players, titles, graphics, and DVE effects
Versatile 2U rackmount frame
Either all-digital SDI I/O, or mix-and-match analog and digital SD/HD

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NewTek Tricaster Mini

Whether you are new to video, adding or expanding media production activities, or searching for a practical way to produce a multi-camera video program, no other solution will get you where you want to be like TriCaster Mini. From the streamlined design to the familiar cable connections, getting your content online and in front of your audience so beautifully has never been faster or easier.

The new TriCaster Mini is For Everyone – You don’t have to be a video expert, own a studio or expensive broadcast cameras, or know your way around professional video production equipment. Use everyday camcorders with plug-and-play ease backed with a software interface for any level of experience to get started and explore further. Straightforward controls allow you to start creating video immediately with room to learn, grow and evolve your show with hundreds of built-in capabilities.


Web & TV Streaming / Live Productions

Plug-and-play input of up to 4 HDMI camcorders

Choose 2 live sources from any number of supported devices on the same network, including computers, wireless Apple® AirPlay® devices, USB webcams, and more

4 M/E channels, each with independent switcher and key layer, for advanced video mixing, compositing, effects and virtual sets

Built-in effects engine for transitions, animation stores, and real-time 3D video warping, plus included Animation Store Creator for custom effects

30+ HD live virtual sets with multiple camera angles, shot presets, realistic virtual camera movements, and real-time reflections, plus support for custom holographic virtual sets

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