Genarts Sapphire offers a comprehensive suite of visual effects that have been enhancing the look of Hollywood movies since 1996. Encompassing more than 20 Oscar-nominated productions–from Titanic and The Matrix to Star Trek and District 9–Sapphire’s suite of more than 200 effects has been generating force fields, adding glints and gleams, dirtying up CGI, and warping title sequences for the industry’s top craftsmen.

Compatible with both Final Cut Pro and After Effects, the FxPlug version of Sapphire is a state-of-the-art package that perfectly balances efficiency and creative control to provide unique and organic visual imagery. There’s a reason it’s considered the gold standard of effects by artists, editors, and production compositors all over the world.


Platform-agnostic, works on a wide range of host platforms
Supports key industry standards such as AVX, AE, and OFX
High degree of design control
Unlimited design potential
Intuitive user interface
Realistic effects
Looks created using Sapphire have been nominated or won Academy Awards


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