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Boris Continuum Complete

The Boris FX Continuum  is a vastly comprehensive visual effects plug-in suite for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5.5, CS5, and CS4. (Continuum plugs into one common directory for both After Effects and Premiere.)

The program offers over 200 filters including 3D objects and particle effects, image restoration tools, lens flares and lights, keys and mattes, 3-way colour grading and other colour correction tools, time-based effects, warp and perspective effects, and blurs, glows, and cinematic effects. Every one of the filters takes advantage of either multi-processing or OpenGL hardware acceleration, providing for an interactive effects design experience.

1000+ presets are included in the software. You can additionally save and share your own presets and also put together preset collections geared toward particular project types. After Effects supports both static and animated Continuum presets.

An important feature of Continuum is Boris Transfer, which allows saved files to easily be migrated between Adobe, Avid and Apple editing platforms. The parameters and keyframes stay intact. Continuum 8 offers 8 new filters and a store of new features over the previous version.

Unrivaled compatibility

Creative professionals have a range of software applications and platforms they prefer and need to work with. Using AJA’s industry-leading drivers and custom application plug-ins, KONA cards support the broadest range of creative software. No other manufacturer can match the breadth of application support and better meet the needs of the working professional. Pick your application of choice and KONA connects it to your world.


VFX Plug-Ins for After Effects/Premiere
8 New Filters and Store of New Features
200+ Filters / 1000+ Presets
3D Objects / Art Looks / Film Style
Blur and Sharpen / Colour and Tone
Image Restoration / Key and Blend
Lights / Match Move / Particles
Transitions / Textures / Warp
Perspective / Stylize / Time
Easy Migration Between Editing Systems


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