Datavideo - VSM-200 Waveform Monitor

Datavideo - VSM-200 Waveform Monitor

VSM-200 Waveform Monitor

Ensuring that colour, brightness and audio levels conform to accepted standards. 2U Rackmountable Monitoring Vectorscope with Dual Monitoring Vectorscope. The VSM-200 combines a 2 x 4.3″ HDMI/SDI Monitor with either 2 x VS-150 (1 x VS-150 for VSM-100). With HD/SD SDI inputs, it can test feeds in a large number of formats, from 576i and 720 50p to 1080i and 1080 25p. With HDMI outputs, it can be used with cost-effective HD monitors while its SDI ports can be set up as a loop-through as part of the production technology chain.


Waveform Monitor
Video Input Display

Datavideo VSM 200 Waveform Monitor

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