Object Matrix at #IBC2018


Well this year was a big one for OM as they are celebrating their 15th birthday, can’t believe it’s been 15 years already! but really good to see them going strong and still developing.

Object Matrix are continuing with the push to the cloud, be that Private Cloud, Hybrid or MaaS (Matrix Store as a Service)

The latter, MaaS feels like it’s the direction Object Matrix want their customers to go towards. The concept behind MaaS is the customer uses MatrixStores which are held in Object Matrix’s Data Centres, nice idea and offers great flexibility, but I think the make or break is going to be the costs of the dedicated connections between customer and datacentre, companies that can cover the cost of the lines I would expect to want to keep storage locally and normally have a multi-site and Disaster Recovery setup already in place.

I’m interested to see how Object Matrix MaaS develops, But I can see the hybrid option being a desirable option, you keep your data local but with the safety of it also being held in the Object Matrixs Data Centre.

The Tyrell Take

I’m always a fan of Object Matrix and I like the fact they use the terms like ‘Private Cloud’ which I think helps people understand storage a bit better, rather than thinking that the Cloud is some mystical thing in the ether, it’s still a server somewhere.

Vision has also been given an update (this is Object Matrix Web Media Management) and now includes IMF options. It also is now integrated with MOVE2 which ties everything together nicely under one bit of software.

Sadly, this year I missed the impressive choir hopefully I won’t have to wait another 15 Years for the comeback tour!

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