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People buy from people

It’s one of our many (many) mantras and one of our most dearly-held beliefs. That’s why we’re proud to promote our multi-disciplined experts that are always here to help you. Making up an incredible number of years experience, across a wide range of ever-changing areas, they are what make us tick and our clients tock.


Bryan Malone

Managing Director

After 20 years in an ever-changing business, Bryan doesn’t do slow. Like the technology he surrounds himself with, he thinks fast and acts even faster.


Declan Hogan

Technical Director

Responsible for delivering the latest technologies and solutions to our customers, after 15 years, this thoroughbred techie is yet to skip a beat.


Dan Muchmore

Sales Director

Dan is new to the company, but a veteran of the game. His challenge is to expand business in the UK, and years of rugby have made him no stranger to competition.


Lynn Keegan

Operations Director

The real brains of the operation, Lynn is the glue that keeps the entire company together. Nicknamed the Oracle she has an answer for everything!


Richard Pritzel

Senior Technical Engineer

While he should probably be the face of the company he’s most certainly the voice clients want to hear when they need help, advice or certain solutions.


Johnny Reed

Technical Engineer

A couple of gruesome knee injuries was football’s loss and our client’s gain because this hugely popular (and award winning) engineer never drops the ball.


Jennifer Timmons


One could be forgiven for thinking Jen was omnipresent; she manages our vast inventory of stock, controls our logistics, maintains our price books, manages the support renewals and did we mention she bakes a mean chocolate cake?.


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If you want to join our family, we’d love to hear from you whether you’re an engineer, a technician or just somebody who could add something special to our service.

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