Facilis at #IBC2018


Every time that I walked past the Facilis stand Jim was demoing or talking to somebody. Having not actually booked a slot I had to keep coming back, luckily, I didn’t spend much time outside of hall 7 and eventually I managed to grab 5 mins with him. While first impressions would say that Facilis had no real big show releases; the stand was decked out with the new(ish) impressive Hub Server, an SSD unit and a 24D.

But this show wasn’t really about new releases for them, what I did see was a team that looked to be re-energised and re-focused. Jim was in fine form and he seems to have real intent to listen to his end users. It’s important to him and his team that the end user is getting the development and integration that they so desperately want and need. Although nothing is yet set in stone the conversations that we had revolved around the possibility of an architecture change.

This change would also see the old Terrablock Manager software being wholly replaced with the web console. FastTracker saw some updates at the start of the year with the addition of the Adobe panel, Jim and the team were on hand to show this integration. FastTracker will also benefit from tighter integration with some of the Facilis partners such as CatDV.

This in turn is going to lead to better workflows and archiving with the utilisation of Archiware. Alongside this new vigour Facilis were demoing the latest version of software this being 7.1 but while this has been around for a while I am looking forward with great interest to see 7.2, if the promises come to fruition this will be a big and much improved step.

Now I’m not saying that Facilis had lost its way, But the company strategy was restrictive and the team we unable to achieve what they wanted and needed to. It seems that these restrictions have now been removed and I believe that Facilis will move forwards quickly to a vision that will keep them as a go to storage vendor. If you are looking for storage that is quick, reliable and cost effective then do yourself a favour, don’t count Facilis out.

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