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From broadcast, on demand, and OTT, to video streaming, social media, and mobile apps, media organisations are under pressure to create more content for these platforms to survive and thrive in today’s digital domain. Avid NEXIS takes the stress and complexity out of even the most demanding production pipelines, enabling your team to share media and complete projects faster, together.

From now until the 22nd March, 2019, you can get greater performance, protection, capacity, and savings when you trade in your old Avid ISIS or third-party storage system* towards a more powerful and reliable Avid NEXIS shared storage or nearline solution.

Clear-Com Walks With Dinosaurs

Marie Holden

State-of-the-art Clear-Com communication technology recently enabled prehistoric creatures to communicate – or rather, the production team operating 18 life-size dinosaurs in an ambitious $20m worldwide touring show, ‘Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular’.

Based on the award-winning TV program of the same name, the live show features life-size physical recreations of prehistoric creatures including 18 dinosaurs, the largest of which weighs 1.6 tons and takes three people to operate. The show has already visited over 250 cities worldwide and entertained a total audience in excess of 9 million people.




During the late 1980’s Corporate Video budgets were estimated at £1000 per minute when the total cost of staff, cameras, and post production were taken into account. Considering that an Avid editing suite would have cost over £120,000 and the cameras required would be a similar amount this comes as no surprise.

Today you can download a free copy of Avid Media Composer and get started in video production using consumer-grade cameras and phones.

Clear-Com for Ed Sheeran


Salisbury-based Major Tom are supporting long-term client Ed Sheeran with a full production package on his current ‘Divide Tour’, an extraordinary global trek for the singer-songwriter that started in early 2017 and is scheduled to finish some 20 months later in November 2018.

Soon after Ben Tredwell’s visit he received a request from Major Tom, to assist with an on-the-road upgrade to their comms system.

Ben arranged a demo of the Clear-Com Freespeak II system at Sheeran’s Manchester concert and then subsequently delivered and assisted with the setup of the final configuration at the Newcastle show.

Tech-Industry ‘Lingo’


‘The Only Thing More Dangerous Than Ignorance is Arrogance’
Albert Einstein

How industry ‘Lingo’  can ruin a budding relationship

We work in a very competitive market, roughly speaking when talking with a potential new customer we have maybe a 5-minute window to make, not just a good impression, but also an impression of trust.

Trust is so important for the ongoing relationship between a customer and supplier, with trust in place everyone wins, but it must be earned, and can easily disappear – even before it has had a chance to build.

AI = The Holy Grail of Search


AI is a current buzzword and there is no doubt that machine learning will continue to evolve from it’s origins as ‘smart analysis’ and ‘fuzzy logic’.

Now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has real-world applications for Broadcast & Media Industries we asked Jose de Freitas, our Director of Projects, to give us some insight into how this powerful technology will impact the workflows of our Industry.


Ka-Boom Invests in Editshare & Telestream


Located in the heart of Belfast Ka-Boom are one of Northern Ireland’s leading post production facilities providing a world-class creative service for TV and Film. Being a boutique facility they  pride themselves in providing a personalised service for all their clients.

Ka-Boom projects have included ITV Drama “Torvill and Dean” for DSP Production, BBC NI Drama – “Council” for Lacada Entrainment, and the BBC Network day time series – “Holding back the years” for BBC Studios, to name a selected few.

OTT at #IBC2018


Our Guide to Over The Top Services at #IBC2018

Everybody wants to go over the top, into our homes and onto our devices.

New and existing content owners want to use direct-to-consumer channels to get one over on their competitors, or quickly enter the content delivery business, bypassing multi system operator control.How can companies do OTT delivery cost-effectively, and what will be on show at IBC 2018 to help them?
At the front-end, Telestream’s Vantage + Lightspeed GPU-accelerated media processing platform is optimised for speed and capacity, enabling content owners to automate and manage multiple workflows simultaneously.

Sonnet – Presto 10GbE 10GBaset-T card


When writing a blog, I always want to try and make it an exciting read, unfortunately this one is going to be quite dull and probably quite short too. but far from being a bad thing, that’s a compliment to the people over at Sonnet.

We Tested their Presto 10GbE 10GBaset-T card (G10E-2X-E3), I’ve had to install quite few NIC’s over the years so know they aren’t always as straight forward as they should be and can sometimes be trial and error to get the right driver version and installed in the right order, fortunately this was a straight forward install

To test the card we installed it on a Standard HP820 running Windows 7 64bit.

Matchroom Sports – Storage DNA & Editshare


MATCHROOM Sport owns, manages and promotes sporting events, and are one of the world’s largest suppliers of sports programming; supplying virtually every major broadcaster of sports in the world.

has been supplying technology to Matchroom since 2010. Our involvement first started in the world of shared storage and collaborative editing. Following that Matchroom then added a basic archiving system, allowing them to begin backing-up their valuable sporting library.


Since then the companies requirements have evolved, and their working practices mean that Asset Management is now an essential workflow element, not only for cataloguing, but also the future retrieval of Matchroom’s valuable programmes.