#NAB2018 – Educating the Market


NAB is over for another year, but for Tyrell the show was a mere warm up to the main game.

The most important role we play as a manufacturers re-seller is to get their message out, help them get a return on their investment and connect end users with their products. For our customers our post NAB role is to help them connect with the news and products that are going to make a difference to their Workflows and Operations.

#AI – Who Owns The Learning? – #NAB2018


NAB 2018 was kinda’ surreal, Las Vegas does tend to be. At home now, apologies in advance, Jet lag does bend my perception.  Having travelled to the states excited for the developments and adoption of IP-SDI the show got ambushed by the Artificial Intelligence offering.  Both need careful consideration…

A lot of manufacturers have built IP based products, suspiciously without the big reveal or fuss.  My excitement for SDI-IP  SMPTE2110 was curbed when I drilled into the kit. 

IBM Cloud Video #NAB2018


As a result of IBM’s global re-branding and positioning of products and services, Ustream is now formally known as IBM Cloud Video.

It is now a complete Streaming Video Platform and hosting service being used by major companies worldwide including Sony, Airbnb and Mazda to service the majority of their corporate communications needs.

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager is a scalable, cloud-based online video platform that is an end-to-end solution for live or on-demand content to an external audience.



Unlike a lot of manufactures, PTZOptics has made no spectacular announcement of new products or features at this year’s NAB. For some, a real bad sign, for others a sign that products and features should be release when ready not rushed on time for a big occasion.

PTZOptics did make a fairly significant announcement recently: four new NDI compatible camera models with built-in NDI, NewTek’s industry leading IP technology.

These new 12x and 20x NDI camera models will support Power, Control audio and video all over a single Ethernet cable simplifying installation and setup for live streaming systems.



IP Interoperability

End to end IP Workflows have really taken a hold of the broadcast environment, albeit much slower than predicted by many over the last couple of years.

One of the main reasons was the lack of a standard that manufactures could agree on.

AIMS, the Alliance for IP Media Solutions, has brought broadcasters, technology vendors and industry standards organizations together to eliminate fragmentation and maximize hardware and software interoperability through a comprehensive, ubiquitous set of IP broadcast standards.



While over at the show Bryan Malone (MD) and Declan Hogan (CTO) met up with Codex. They started out with their brilliantly versatile Vault system and the Arri capture drive.

The Vault was an all in one on set unit. The box itself was capable of checking and correcting Metadata, creating proxies with or without a LUT for editorial or on set review. It could also back up and archive the original shot material utilising a built in LTO drive.



Some things we’ve seen at NAB 2018 that seem interesting and may be of interest to some of our readers…

Woody Technologies

An ingest solution that integrates with Interplay and other MAM designed for easy use by non-technical personnel, it allows you to ensure that all material ingested is correct when it hits your storage and is recorded in the database with correct metadata.

Journalists using code reporter can submit material, be it audio still or video and correctly label it.



What’s Pro Tools |Ultimate?

It’s the new name for the software division of Pro Tools | HD.

Does it offer anything new?

  • Avid Pro Tools | Ultimate customers will have access to the Avid Complete Plug-in bundle, plus HEAT, combined representing a powerful and diverse collection of 100 audio plug-ins.
  • Pro Tools | MachineControl – Allowing users to fast forward, rewind, jog, and shuttle media playback directly from your Pro Tools interface.



The cloud is a natural home for Agencies and Creatives, Content Owners and Distributors, Broadcasters, Publishers, OTT operators and the market is reflecting this with many industry leading storage providers offering cloud sync utilities and file transfer acceleration solutions becoming an absolute must.

Some companies like Knox Media Hub are taking this further and offering a completely cloud based, OpEx model for the content distribution market and adding the benefits available in cloud infrastructures of burst transcoding and file acceleration.



In a world where even an iPhone can shoot video in 4K there are surprisingly few tools that dedicate themselves to the wrangling and transcoding of UHD, high frame rate and high dynamic range footage. Colorfront Transkoder is one such product. A powerful post workflow tool for handling the vast range of UHD, HDR camera, colour, editorial and deliverables formats.

Transkoder is based on Colorfront’s award winning on-set dailies architecture and uses cost-effective, commodity hardware, to deliver faster-than-real-time processing to transcode, decode, convert, wrap and process files to various high-end file formats.