Object Matrix at #IBC2018


Well this year was a big one for OM as they are celebrating their 15th birthday, can’t believe it’s been 15 years already! but really good to see them going strong and still developing.

Object Matrix are continuing with the push to the cloud, be that Private Cloud, Hybrid or MaaS (Matrix Store as a Service)

The latter, MaaS feels like it’s the direction Object Matrix want their customers to go towards.

Avid at #IBC2018


Given the vast range of Avid products they currently have, I’d probably be here until after IBC 2019 writing them all up! so here’s just a few that stood out for me.


I think everybody knew that Avid were going to be continuing to push Media Central in a strong way, they’re very keen to get this adopted by anyone that shares or collaborates on anything media-based be that Editorial, Production, Newsroom, Asset or Graphics.

KnoxMedia at #IBC2018


KnoxMedia were well positioned at IBC2018 in the center of Hall 7 on the IBM booth, as they are a partner using Aspera for fast, secure file transfers.

Both Santiago Miralles, (CEO) and Daimon Hall (International Sales Director) were on the stand for the duration, demonstrating, discussing and explaining their Cloud Eco System.

Knox Media are well on their way, and already have an impressive customer base utilising the Cloud and the all-important Opex model, the Opex conversation has become part of the Tyrell story and valid in both the production companies and TV broadcasters.

Facilis at #IBC2018


Every time that I walked past the Facilis stand Jim was demoing or talking to somebody. Having not actually booked a slot I had to keep coming back, luckily, I didn’t spend much time outside of hall 7 and eventually I managed to grab 5 mins with him. While first impressions would say that Facilis had no real big show releases; the stand was decked out with the new(ish) impressive Hub Server, an SSD unit and a 24D.

Storage DNA at #IBC2018


StorageDNA are very good at pushing what we expect LTO tape to do for our workflows. Yes its a great long term storage medium but if given the right access tools it’s also a highly cost effective and more stable alternative to hard drives. The team were at IBC this year showcasing the Hypertape solution.

StorageDNA HYPERTAPE with the myLTOdna front end now gives you direct access to your LTO media via any Mac system.

EditShare at #IBC2018


We’ve been having a lot of success with EditShare since the introduction of their proprietary EFS file system in 2017. Since the move to a single namespace put the storage system’s flexibility, resilience and performance into line with Avid and other big players the value add of the Flow MAM system included in the EFS range has become hard to resist amongst the small to medium post houses and agencies. New releases around IBC this year mean that more and more people can access these user friendly and powerful workflow tools.

eMAM at #IBC2018


Over the last few years, the concept ‘Content is King’ has gained more and more acceptance and rightly so. Throwing the latest technology, the highest resolution and the fastest recording media at a lacklustre story is not going to win any Oscars.

By the same token, having all this wonderful content and not being able to share, publish and distribute it efficiently and at the press of a few buttons is not very useful either. If you can’t make a return on the investment, then success and acclaim will always lack something.

Aspera at #IBC2018


Getting data to and from Cloud Services has always been a tricky proposition. Not so long ago cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft encouraged users to just mail them hard drives rather than trying uploading terabytes of data at a time. IBM can provide a set of drives in a military grade housing to facilitate a client’s migration to the cloud.

The same issues exist for large files, albeit on a smaller scale. Consider the hours it takes to upload a day’s worth of high-res photos to Dropbox, for example.

Telestream at #IBC2018


Telestream, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, like Vantage and Vidchecker were out in force at IBC this year. The big announcement was what it claims to be the world’s first fully-virtualized end-to-end adaptive bit rate (ABR) video monitoring & analytics solution, named Project Orchid.

Orchid is a full end-to-end live streaming architecture that’s able to heal and optimize itself, improving performance without the need for constant monitoring. While Telestream isn’t yet saying when Project Orchid will get a commercial release, it notes the technology will be able to self-diagnose live streaming issues and reroute streams, letting publishers reduce cost and complexity.

Pixitmedia at #IBC2018


For those of you that have read my blogs before about Pixit, I’m sorry about the opening paragraph. For those of you that haven’t, here’s a quick overview of what Pixit does :

Its software defined storage based on IBM spectrum GPFS (file system). Imagine you have incredibly high (guaranteed) bandwidth that is based upon industry standard hardware that has a GUI based upon opens source applications that directly addresses the needs of the Animation and VFX storage requirements and the applications that you currently use in your complex workflows.