Intinor at #IBC2018


Another company who sit in a congested market is Intinor. I actually think that a crowded market is a great thing, it pushes manufacturers to constantly improve or lose ground; a position that ultimately benefits the end user, allowing for more choice, and a better chance to find that perfect solution. For the manufactures it presents one major problem, what’s our USP (Unique Selling Point) and how do we stand out?

Intinor have recently introduced their new video over IP transport protocol called Bifrost Reliable Transport or BRT, it essentially bonds your IP signal over multiple internet links with unique forward error correction and load balancing of your signal depending on your individual network quality at any one time.

ABonAir at #IBC2018


Trade shows are tough, they really are, you cover a lot of mileage, (sorry kilometerage) repeat the same sort of questions again and again, carry around far too many brochures, and all whilst usually nursing a hangover. That’s why finding a stand with energy, excitement and passion really can brighten up your day.

I don’t know if ABonAir had just finished a great meeting or smashed it in a demo but the buzz on that stand was really infectious and a welcomed change of pace.

LiveU LU300 HEVC at #IBC2018


LiveU are going from strength to strength with a fantastic lineup of remote broadcast solutions. With the coverage of 3G/4G increasing all the time and silly speeds of 5G on the horizon, LiveU are only going to get bigger as the case for the old Satellite van gets ever harder to justify.

Evolution of the technology can be see this year at IBC2018 as they launch the LU300 HEVC field unit. Weighing only 900 grams it’s a sign of things to come.