EditShare at #IBC2018


We’ve been having a lot of success with EditShare since the introduction of their proprietary EFS file system in 2017. Since the move to a single namespace put the storage system’s flexibility, resilience and performance into line with Avid and other big players the value add of the Flow MAM system included in the EFS range has become hard to resist amongst the small to medium post houses and agencies. New releases around IBC this year mean that more and more people can access these user friendly and powerful workflow tools.

eMAM at #IBC2018


Over the last few years, the concept ‘Content is King’ has gained more and more acceptance and rightly so. Throwing the latest technology, the highest resolution and the fastest recording media at a lacklustre story is not going to win any Oscars.

By the same token, having all this wonderful content and not being able to share, publish and distribute it efficiently and at the press of a few buttons is not very useful either. If you can’t make a return on the investment, then success and acclaim will always lack something.

Aspera at #IBC2018


Getting data to and from Cloud Services has always been a tricky proposition. Not so long ago cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft encouraged users to just mail them hard drives rather than trying uploading terabytes of data at a time. IBM can provide a set of drives in a military grade housing to facilitate a client’s migration to the cloud.

The same issues exist for large files, albeit on a smaller scale. Consider the hours it takes to upload a day’s worth of high-res photos to Dropbox, for example.

Pixitmedia at #IBC2018


For those of you that have read my blogs before about Pixit, I’m sorry about the opening paragraph. For those of you that haven’t, here’s a quick overview of what Pixit does :

Its software defined storage based on IBM spectrum GPFS (file system). Imagine you have incredibly high (guaranteed) bandwidth that is based upon industry standard hardware that has a GUI based upon opens source applications that directly addresses the needs of the Animation and VFX storage requirements and the applications that you currently use in your complex workflows.

Intinor at #IBC2018


Another company who sit in a congested market is Intinor. I actually think that a crowded market is a great thing, it pushes manufacturers to constantly improve or lose ground; a position that ultimately benefits the end user, allowing for more choice, and a better chance to find that perfect solution. For the manufactures it presents one major problem, what’s our USP (Unique Selling Point) and how do we stand out?

Intinor have recently introduced their new video over IP transport protocol called Bifrost Reliable Transport or BRT, it essentially bonds your IP signal over multiple internet links with unique forward error correction and load balancing of your signal depending on your individual network quality at any one time.

ABonAir at #IBC2018


Trade shows are tough, they really are, you cover a lot of mileage, (sorry kilometerage) repeat the same sort of questions again and again, carry around far too many brochures, and all whilst usually nursing a hangover. That’s why finding a stand with energy, excitement and passion really can brighten up your day.

I don’t know if ABonAir had just finished a great meeting or smashed it in a demo but the buzz on that stand was really infectious and a welcomed change of pace.

LiveU LU300 HEVC at #IBC2018


LiveU are going from strength to strength with a fantastic lineup of remote broadcast solutions. With the coverage of 3G/4G increasing all the time and silly speeds of 5G on the horizon, LiveU are only going to get bigger as the case for the old Satellite van gets ever harder to justify.

Evolution of the technology can be see this year at IBC2018 as they launch the LU300 HEVC field unit. Weighing only 900 grams it’s a sign of things to come.

#IBC2018 HACKS – What’s Yours?


We asked the Tyrell staff how to take the pain out of IBC and here’s what they revealed…

  • Spoil yourself and buy 5 new pairs of socks, there is something special about putting new socks on very tired feet
  • Bring ear plugs if your in an unfamiliar hotel location
  • Uber works a treat in AMS
  • Get the train from the Airport to the RAI it takes 20mins, every 20mins, approx €5
  • Trams are Free for IBC Delegates, wear your badge with pride
  • Hire a bike and cycle, Central Station is 20 mins from the RAI, avoid the taxi cues
  • Plan no more than 5 meetings a day and allow 15 minutes to jump between halls
  • Make sure you attend the Tyrell IBC Drinks Reception on the Saturday evening, get in touch and try and get your name on the list
  • Keep an eye out for the refrigerators on the expo stands and ask politely for some water
  • Remember to book appointments in advance and don’t forget to add the plus one hour as your phone will automatically change it when you land


  • Mints for bad breath – air-con at trade shows is not your friend
  • Bring a small towel to wipe down palms before handshakes – you don’t want to leave a sweaty impression
  • Prepare your mind for overload of information – there is a lot to see
  • Piggy backs are a great way to give your feet a quick rest between meetings
  • Don’t bring a backpack to the trade show, it slows you down and makes your back sweaty
  • Don’t get carried away collecting the free pens, how many pens do you actually need?

OTT at #IBC2018


Our Guide to Over The Top Services at #IBC2018

Everybody wants to go over the top, into our homes and onto our devices.

New and existing content owners want to use direct-to-consumer channels to get one over on their competitors, or quickly enter the content delivery business, bypassing multi system operator control.How can companies do OTT delivery cost-effectively, and what will be on show at IBC 2018 to help them?
At the front-end, Telestream’s Vantage + Lightspeed GPU-accelerated media processing platform is optimised for speed and capacity, enabling content owners to automate and manage multiple workflows simultaneously.

Tyrell Visiting #IBC2018


IBC 2018 in Amsterdam is looking interesting and, as usual, Tyrell will be there in force. Please fill in the form below if you would like to arrange an appointment with us at the event, We will be happy to meet and discuss The Tyrell Take on this year’s IBC.



Meeting our customers and suppliers is always priority for us and we cherish any opportunity to meet people face-to-face.