Animation – Education Versus Business


The future of any industry depends on many factors, not least of which is Education.

Tyrell account manager Stephen Murnane revisits the discussion about Animation and Vfx and the massive opportunities that currently exist within the market for artists in all roles and disciplines.


Conversation has been re-ignited about the number of graduates and how they are prepared for starting in the companies that require their skills.

What #VR Means for #ContentCreators

Is VR Relevant

The concept of Virtual Reality has been with us a long time but only in recent years has it trickled down to the consumer level. For all the hype and buildup surrounding virtual reality’s wide consumer launch, the sales figures and impact of the technology have been decidedly muted. However in such a young market it is to be expected, and sales are predicted to increase 50% annually as prices drop, technology improves and new platforms develop.

Experts believe that a major part of future growth in demand for VR will be largely driven by businesses and enterprise-level applications.

#IrishAnimation = Awards + Jobs


It seems timely after multiple Emmy nominations and an Oscar nomination to revisit the success story that is currently Irish Animation. There are still multiple positions available in multiple roles for animation professionals of all levels and skills in Ireland today and there seems little sign of a slowdown.

How exciting is that! To see an industry expand at such a rate, and there is a genuine excitement in the air and a feeling of comraderie between studios that they are jointly building a fresh, exciting, sustainable business that is truly recognised on a global scale.

The Three ‘C’s of #Animation & #VFxStorage


Centralisation, Collaboration and Continuity

Here at Tyrell we pride ourselves at spotting trends and responding accordingly. What we are seeing now when companies are examining their storage strategy is the three ‘C’s , namely Centralisation, Collaboration and Continuity.


Centralisation used to be a suggestion that on the face of it made absolute sense, but in reality  would strike fear into the hearts of IT/facility managers. The fear of the system sitting down and along with it the whole facility meant that you couldn’t realistically centralise everything without mirroring everything on a second solution.

A Golden Era for The Irish Animation Industry

Cartoon Saloon - Song of the Sea

We are in a golden phase of Animation in Ireland, with multiple studios expanding and working on high profile worldwide animation series and features.


You don’t necessarily have to be a brilliant artist to work in this burgeoning industry, there are so many technical roles that are crying out for well trained candidates that have a love for animation and possess the programming skills that are essential to make it all work.


Go to a modern studio and it’s all about the workflow, and by that what I mean is how a project progresses from idea through to final delivery.