5 Takeaways from NABshow 2017

NABshow2017 5 Takeaways

The show is over and the audience has gone home with a head full of new ideas, but what are they? Here’s five things that we reckon are clear and present on the horizon of our industry.

1. Directly Connected Hybrid Cloud solutions – Media Organisations continue with expansion into scalable cloud facilities.

2. Avid’s Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Azure – Avid Unveils Cloud Strategy with Launch of New Offerings

3. Immersive Experiences, both Virtual & Augmented – Both VR and AR open doors to a world of engaging content.

2017NABshow – Connected Virtualisation is En Route


As the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre darken and the 103,000 people who reportedly attended return home with the handful of new business cards and a lot of expenses receipts, at Tyrell we have been very busy – both on and off the field – reviewing the show with our syNABsis

Last year we promised that we would approach NAB 2017 as a hybrid. This meant that Dan Muchmore (Sales Director) and I headed out over the weekend from London and Dublin to catch up with manufacturers and customers, while the Presales & Technical teams in the office beautifully articulated, or sometimes interrupted, the news articles we have delivered  in our syNABsis Blog

Sitting back here in the office, remarkably free of the dreaded jet lag, I’m reflecting on a show that was for us pretty much about one thing – connected infrastructure and virtualisation.

Adobe announces major update to the Creative Cloud


Adobe has announced a major update to the Creative Cloud video tools ahead of NAB.

The Creative Cloud release, available now, delivers new features for graphics and titling, animation, polishing audio and sharing assets; support for the latest video formats, such as HDR, VR and 4K. Technology advancements and exploding consumer demand for impactful and personalized content require video producers to create, deliver and monetize their video assets faster than ever before. From the largest studio to next generation YouTubers, a scalable, end-to-end solution is required to create, collaborate and streamline video workflows with robust analytics and advertising tools to optimize content and drive more value.



HP showed off two new professional-targeted displays as part of its DreamColor range. Being professional requires more than just being able to reproduce a lot of colors; for instance, it requires edge-to-edge color-and-luminance uniformity, no color or brightness drift over time and the ability to render tones exactly the same as the display sitting next to it.  HP’s DreamColor range is impressive, with some 80 percent of academy award winners for visual effects utilizing the displays over the past six years.

The Z31x features a  31-inch, true 10-bit IPS panel, with a resolution of 4,096 x 2,160.