Avid at #IBC2018


Given the vast range of Avid products they currently have, I’d probably be here until after IBC 2019 writing them all up! so here’s just a few that stood out for me.


I think everybody knew that Avid were going to be continuing to push Media Central in a strong way, they’re very keen to get this adopted by anyone that shares or collaborates on anything media-based be that Editorial, Production, Newsroom, Asset or Graphics.

Cloud UX is looking good, though not quite as advanced as I would like to see it, it’s definitely headed in the right direction, but features still seem to be limited in its current state.


Avid have released a real-time graphics and video hardware rendering platform to support its maestro range, Available in two configurations ‘Maestro | Engine’ and ‘Maestro | Engine 4K’ (the names give away the difference!) supporting both SDI and Video Over IP interfaces. With the extra grunt from the Maestro Engine broadcasters can produce graphics, virtual studios, augmented reality and video walls with both live sources or files locally (or on Nexis).MEDIA COMPOSER 2018.9

Not a huge announcement and more just how thing have timed up I suspect, but Media Composer 2018.9 now offers DNxUncompressed with 4:2:2 and RGB 32-bit Float Support and given a significant speedboost (up to 10x faster) on exporting DPX Files. There’s also a few tweaks to the timeline allowing live muting and soloing of tracks which is pretty neat


Last but not least is this nifty little box, It supports up to 4K, HDR via Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C connectivity.Importantly it has mic input for audio punch-in for Voice-Overs.  It’s limited to HDMI output only but given the target users of this unit, that all that’s generally needed. This looks like a great little portable I/O unit and I can see it proving very popular!

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